Student Government Association

Thank you for visiting the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Student Government Association. We strive to enhance the quality of student life at MMA by committing ourselves to the service and involvement of our fellow students. SGA is the student's voice in Academy affairs. 


The Student Government Association at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been elected to create the best environment possible for student life. The MMA SGA is a representative of the student body, and will exist as an independent entity from the regiment of cadets. The MMA SGA is the liaison between the administration, regiment, outside organizations, and the student body. The MMA SGA will ensure efficient and prudent use of student fees and oversee the student fee allocation process. 

In addition, the MMA SGA shall provide quality opportunities for academic and extracurricular experiences as well as promote student involvement in academy clubs, organizations, events, and activities. MMA SGA officers shall perform with effectiveness any power or responsibilities bestowed upon them by the Administration and Board of Trustees. All actions taken by the MMA SGA will be approved by the President and the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.