Operations Division

 The Operations Division continues to oversee tactical and strategic initiatives for the departments of Camps & Conferences, Operations & Maintenance (formerly Facilities), Marine Department and Marine Projects.  The division continues to improve practices, update policies (divisional and campus-wide) to enhance the culture of the Academy.

Operations Division Organizational Chart

Solar panels on rooftop

The Operations Division is responsible for major deferred maintenance and capital projects and carries out those missions with the philosophy of building a robust sustainability program and investing in renewable energy on campus.  Not only is the investment in renewable energies saving to the Academy, it also serves the purpose to provide hands-on training for our student body. 

Please view our Centre for Renewable & Reusable Energy Video. 

The division also serves as the liaison for the Town of Bourne to enhance collaboration and community projects.

The Division continues to work closely with the Division of Capital Assets Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) and the Massachusetts State College Building Authority (MSCBA) to execute projects and thereby improve campus life.

Master Plan   

Projects completed

  • Marina Floating Dock System
  • Softball field - new artificial infield turf, new scoreboard, and lights
  • Football field - new artificial turf and logos
  • Baseball field - new logo
  • 3rd & 5th Company roof replacement
  • Buccaneer Way (Bay State Road) - walkway
  • Expansion of Kitchen - 1600 sf of new space and the renovation of the kitchen and bakery
  • Nantucket Way - paving and loading dock
  • Trainer Suite - A/C unit
  • Bresnahan Atrium - Work at Height Training Ladders/Platform System

Projects ongoing or design phase

  • 320 Main Street Renovations
  • Academy Drive - parking islands
  • Cutaway Training Boiler
The Academy continues its commitment to sustainability by complying with Executive Order 484 by reducing consumption, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and green cleaning and purchasing programs.