Capital Projects


Recently Completed Projects:

  1. Maritime Conference Center/Emery Rice Hall:  New multipurpose center to provide support for the Academy’s mission.
  2. Fantail Student Center:  Upgraded and enlarged dining and student lounge spaces, with additional dedicated outdoor socialization spaces.
  3. Dormitory Upgrade:  Renovation to existing dormitories, including new lighting, flooring, card access, heating systems, and wall upgrades in legacy dorm rooms, hallways, and ladderwells. 
  4. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS):  Full campus-wide integration of the preventive maintenance and work order system, designed to maximize Academy assets' life cycles and capture all pertinent maintenance histories.
  5. Harrington Hall Facade:  Concrete repairs and elastomeric paint application to the exterior of Harrington Hall, to provide improvement and protection to the building’s facade.

Proposed and In-Progress Projects:

  1. New Academic Building:  State-of-the-art STEM classroom and lab building providing students with the latest technologies in their fields of study.  Includes renovation to identified areas of Harrington Hall NE 3rd floor classrooms.
  2. Energy Transfer Loop:  A new geothermal heating and cooling system designed to utilize natural stable ground temperature to warm campus buildings in the winter and cool them in the summer.
  3. Pier Improvement:  Enhancement to the existing pier infrastructure to provide support functions for the Academy’s new National Security Multi-mission vessel (“Patriot State II”), due to arrive in 2024.
  4. Marine Transportation Labs/Simulators:  Centralizing and updating several Marine Transportation labs/simulators in the identified areas of Harrington Hall SW 3rd floor spaces.
  5. Emergency Vehicle Garage:  Optimize the space underneath the Electrical Transfer Switch Building to house the Academy’s Emergency Response vehicles.
  6. Kelly Power Plant:  Upgrade code and compliance requirements to maximize the usefulness of the Kelly Power Plant.
  7. 320 Main Street Roof Repairs:  Replace sections of the existing roof to assist Facilities and Marine Departments in relocation efforts.