Recently Completed Projects

  1. Campus and Decarbonization Master Plan: Comprehensive framework for campus development and decarbonization roadmap to assist the Academy in its efforts in resiliency and sustainability.
  2. Keith Hartford Sailing Center:  Renovation of the classroom building, dock electrical system and support functions.
  3. Upgrades to existing HVAC capital assets:  Replacements and installation of major air conditioning units in the Mess Deck, Gymnasium and Flanagan Hall.
  4. Gym Envelope:  Replacement of doors, windows and outside railings to Gym, improving the façade appearance and structural integrity.
  5. Dock electrification:  Improvements to the entire floating dock’s electrical supply system to support the Schooner Ernestina Morrissey.
  6. Harrington Hall Envelope:  Façade appearance and structural integrity improvements.
  7. Stormwater Discharge Pipe:  Repair and replacement of broken rainwater discharge pipe and improvements to neighbors’ rock embankment.

Proposed and In-Progress Projects:

  1. Emery Rice Hall:  New 72 bed / conference center to provide additional rooms for the Academy’s student population and provide dedicated meeting spaces to support the Academy’s mission.
  2. New Academic Building:  State of the art STEM classroom and lab building providing students with the latest technologies in their fields of study.  Includes renovation to identified areas of Harrington Hall 3rd floor classrooms.
  3. Pier Improvement:  Providing support functions for the Academy’s new National Security Multi-mission Vessel (Patriot State II) which is due to arrive in January 2024.
  4. Fantail Student Center:  Upgraded and enlarged dining and student lounge.
  5. 320 Main Street Roof Repairs: Replacement of existing roof to assist Facilities Department and Marine Department in relocation efforts.