Captain's Inspections Schedule

From:  Deputy Commandant of Cadets
To:       Distribution List
Subj:   Captain's Inspection Schedule - Spring Semester 2020

The following Captain's Inspection Schedule for the Spring Semester 2020 is promulgated.

Day Date Company Uniform
Monday 16 March 2nd Company Service Dress Blues
Monday 23 March 3rd Company Service Dress Blues
Monday 30 March 4th/7th Company Service Dress Blues
Monday 06 April 5th Company Service Dress Blues
Wednesday 22 April 6th Company Service Dress Blues
Monday 27 April 1st Company Service Dress Blues
Monday 04 May 2nd Company Salt & Pepper
Monday 18 May 3rd Company Salt & Pepper
Wednesday 27 May 4th/7th Company Salt & Pepper
Monday 01 June 5th/6th Company Salt & Pepper
Monday 08 June 1st Company Salt & Pepper

1. Inspections will commence each Monday (except where otherwise noted) at 0700 for Duty Company. All cadets in the Duty Company are required to attend the inspection except those who are physically on watch at the time of the inspection.

2. In preparing for Captain's Inspection the room standards and conditions published in the Regimental Manual will service as a base guideline to establish uniformity. All hands are reminded that during these inspections above average cleanliness and smartness is expected.

3. Service Dress Inspections will include:

  • Individual personal appearance
  • Cadet rooms: Decks to be swabbed and cleaned, not stripped, not waxed
  • Complete Sea Bag/Uniform inventory (must be stenciled)
  • All heads/showers in the Company
  • Cleaning gear lockers
  • Passageways and bulkheads
  • Ladder wells

4. Salt & Pepper personal inspections will be held on the parade field, weather permitting.


CDR S. M. Kelleher
Deputy Commandant of Cadets