Zika Information for Sea Term and Remote Experiences

With the exception of pregnancy related complications, Zika is generally a very mild illness that most people do not even realize they have had.  We want to provide some early education on Zika and share the CDC guidelines that currently exist.

Zika is spread through mosquito bites and sex.  The pregnancy complications are horribly serious and need to be avoided.  As such, please see the information below.

CDC Recommendations:
  1. Pregnant individuals should not travel to Zika areas.
  2. Males who travel to Zika areas and have pregnant partners at home, should abstain from sex or use condoms for the duration of the pregnancy.
  3. Mosquito bite avoidance should be practiced in Zika areas
  4. Mosquito bite avoidance should be practiced for 3 weeks upon return.
  5. Timeline to avoid becoming pregnant or having unprotected sex after having Zika or returning from an area with Zika:
    • Females: 8 weeks
    • Males: 6 months
MMA Plan:
  1. Provide education to all staff and cadets
  2. Pregnant individuals should not go on cruise or to Zika areas; anyone planning on becoming pregnant who travels to a Zika area, should delay pregnancy by the timeline listed above.    Confidential, no expense, pregnancy testing is available at MMA Health Services
  3. Assure all personnel receive the CDC recommendations
  4. Share any CDC issued updates on the recommendations
  5. Minimize mosquito bite risk

More information to follow, however, if you have questions or concerns regarding Zika and Sea Term or remote experiences please contact MMA Health Services, your own physician, or your MMA supervisor.


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