Writing Resource Center


Writing Resource Center tutors assist students with all types of written and oral communication for courses, regimental correspondence and applications, and employment. Tutors work within the context of the specific assignment or occasion, referring to course syllabi, assignment sheets, and other materials to gain a clear understanding of the expectations. During tutoring sessions, tutors focus on the writer, not the paper. Their goal is not to improve the document, but to improve the writer's skills. To that end, tutors strive to help the writer express ideas with coherence and clarity in the document. Tutors will not function as writers or editors. Students should arrive with a printed working draft of the document and should remain actively engaged in the learning process throughout the tutoring session.

Academic Support at the WRC

The WRC provides tutoring support for courses offered by all departments. In addition, the WRC assists students working on projects for the graduate programs. Services are also available for students working on professional correspondence and applications for academic programs, employment, co-ops, internships, scholarships, and many other writing or communication tasks.

Scheduling an Appointment

Although walk-in sessions are available, we strongly encourage students to schedule an appointment. This will help ensure access to tutoring services prior to deadlines.


Third Floor, ABS Information Commons