Writing Center


Writing Center tutors assist students with all types of written and oral communication for courses, regimental correspondence and applications, and employment. Tutors work within the context of the specific assignment or occasion, referring to course syllabi, assignment sheets, and other materials to gain a clear understanding of the expectations. During tutoring sessions, tutors focus on the writer, not the paper. Their goal is to improve the writer's skills. To that end, tutors strive to help the writer express ideas with coherence and clarity in the document. Tutors do not function as writers or editors. Students should arrive with a printed working draft of the document and should remain actively engaged in the learning process throughout the tutoring session.

Academic Support at the Writing Center

The Writing Center provides tutoring support for courses offered by all departments and occasionally for the graduate programs. Tutors can also assist students working on professional correspondence and applications for academic programs, employment, cooperative education experiences, internships, and scholarships.

Preparing for the Tutorial

Writing tutors are there to help you learn to improve your writing. To make this possible, you should arrive prepared.

  • Writing tutors serve as a trained practice audience for your project, paper, presentation, or correspondence (e.g., résumés, letters of application, etc.).
  • Writing tutors will read, listen, and respond as you review your work together.
  • Writing tutors will expect you to participate actively during the tutorial.
  • Writing tutors will discuss and help you practice brainstorming, drafting, revising, proofreading, and formatting.
  • Writing tutors will not make decisions for you about your work in progress.
  • Writing tutors will treat every document--regardless of how "finished" it may be--as a work in progress (as a draft), not as a "final paper."
  • Writing tutors will not write, revise, or proofread your work--but they will teach you to do so.

The following is a list of things you should do to prepare for a productive writing tutorial:

  • Always bring a printed copy of your document or presentation.
  • Visit the Writing Center to brainstorm and during the drafting process: don’t wait until you consider it a “final” draft.
  • Always think of your document as a work in progress (draft), not a final paper--one that will benefit from feedback and discussion (not simply from editing).
  • Arrive with ideas about what you want to cover during the tutorial.
  • Arrive with specific questions about the work in progress.
  • Be prepared to work and participate during the tutorial.
  • Bring the assignment and/or writing prompt.
  • Bring the textbook, reading(s), research materials, etc.
  • Bring your notes.
  • If you receive a blue slip, provide the professor with the copy of your paper that you brought to the Writing Center when you received the blue slip.

Note: Remember that tutors are able to read and respond to your ideas, but they are not able to help you write. They cannot edit or correct your work (the submitted document must be your own work).
Also note: You do not need an appointment, but you can make one using the appointment book in Writing Center.

Scheduling an Appointment

Although walk-in sessions are available, we strongly encourage students to schedule an appointment. This will help ensure access to tutoring services prior to deadlines. An appointment can be scheduled using the appointment book at the Writing Center.


Fourth Floor, ABS Information Commons