Working at the Academic Resource Center

Faculty Tutors

Faculty interested in employment as a tutor are encouraged to inquire at the Academic Resource Center (3rd floor, ABS Information Commons).

Peer Tutors

If you are a student with sophomore, junior, or senior status and interested in employment as a peer tutor at the Academic Resource Center, please stop by the office for information. 

The Academic Resource Center Tutoring Ribbon

Academic Resource Center Tutor Ribbon

The Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Commandant of Cadets have authorized an Academic Resource Center Tutor ribbon to recognize the Center's cadet tutors for their service to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy community. The ribbon will be awarded to eligible individuals. It cannot be purchased, and it cannot be worn unless it has been awarded. For information on eligibility to wear the ribbon, or to receive a ribbon once you have met the requirements, contact the Center for Student Success office.