VPDSD Training

Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties:(STCW-VPDSD)

This is a licensing requirement for all Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation students to obtain the Cadet Merchant Mariner Credential during freshman year and for commercial shipping junior year.  VPDSD introduces cadets to maritime security levels, policy, and regulation; the purpose of transportation security cards; responsibilities and roles of the vessel security officer, company security officer and port security officer; vessel security plan; vessel security assessment; threat identification, threat recognition and response.   

This is the mid-level of security training for persons who will be assigned to do various security duties such as standing a gangway watch. You will receive a certificate of completion for this class, which is a 10-hour, 2 day course.  The training is scheduled on a Friday/Saturday weekend in both fall and spring semesters.  Register for STCW-VPDSD in Self Service/Web Advisor, attend your registered date, complete the full 10 hours, pass the test and receive a certificate of completion.  Training dates can be found in Self Service, on our MC calendar webpage, monitors throughout the buidlings, and the fall/spring training memos.

For Spring 2020:  VPDSD is scheduled for Friday, Saturday, May 1 and 2, 2020.