Valor Act Information

  1. The Registrar or designee shall serve as the contact point for evaluation of student military occupation, training, coursework and experience. The Registrar will evaluate the prospective student’s official transcripts, using the ACE Guide as a key reference for course descriptions and equivalencies. Courses must carry the equivalent of three or more credits for transfer, and the students must have earned the equivalent of a grade of “C” (75%) or better. Accepted coursework will appear on the student’s transcript as transfer courses. As per Academy policy, only the credits will transfer, not the grades. When necessary, the Registrar will consult with the appropriate Department Chair to determine transferability.
  2. The Registrar will consult with the appropriate Department Chair regarding credits for military occupation/experience, using the ACES Guide as a resource for determining transferability. Applicable service/experience may transfer in as coursework or satisfy co-operative requirements.
  3. The Registrar will accept CLEP and/or DANTES exam scores based on Academy policy and the recommended guidelines of both programs.
  4. STCW courses, whether Knowledge or Practical – Based will not be replaced by Military coursework, training or experience.