University College Copenhagen Exchange Program - Denmark


Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan, traditional and modern,  historic,  vibrant city, popularly called "The happiest city in the world”.  It is a vibrant community with a vast style and design in architecture and landscape, as well as its fabulous cuisine.  There are plenty of beaches, lakes, parks, restaurants, and eateries (some outdoor and canal-side) close to the city. Life is easy-going, people are friendly and everything is ‘local’.  Denmark, home of Hans Christian Andersen, probably accounts for its almost fairy-tale beauty.

University College Copenhagen (UCC), Copenhagen, Denmark

UCC is a “Professional College” in the Danish university system. UCC, similarly situated to MMA, in that UCC’s academic charge is to provide a Bachelor's Degree level education to a select group of professions.   MMA students’ classes at UCC will be exclusively taught in English, by UCC’s EM faculty.  A faculty member in UCC’s EM Program will manage and supervise classes.  MMA students will study International Relief with a focus on health and food nutrition. MMA students will receive 15 academic credits, which will replace three elective courses, our International Relief course, and Public Health in EM. The academic objective is to provide MMA students with a full semester of International Relief with a focus on refugees, refugee support, and food aid & nutrition.

MMA students will live in UCC’s international student housing, located in a safe area within easy commuting distance to UCC’s campus.

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