Supplemental Math Support

Summer 2021 options

Our Placement Team reviews the academic record of all incoming students to identify those that will benefit from supplemental mathematics support.  Your math placement and associated supplemental support, if needed, are designed to provide you with the best opportunity to be successful in your first semester at the Academy.

If you would like to appeal your math placement, please email for information on how to submit an appeal.

The Department of Science and Mathematics offers a co-requisite mathematics course taken with SM-1111 Precalculus with Trigonometry.  This course Problem Solving in Mathematics is offered in the fall semester.


Problem Solving in Mathematics is a corequisite for Precalculus with Trigonometry (SM1111). The course is taught by MMA faculty, in person, and is designed to review important mathematics topics as they emerge in the Precalculus with Trigonometry course. Students will take this corequisite course along with 12 other credits. This will delay taking one normally scheduled course (usually Chemistry I) until a later semester. There are no additional costs associated with this course.

Summer Options for Supplemental Support

For students wanting to complete the supplemental mathematics requirement prior to matriculating at MMA,  there are three options that can be completed over the Summer of 2021 before full time enrollment. 

Each of these options are intended to solidify a student’s comprehension and foundation in mathematics skills required for coursework at MMA. Students should review and determine which option is a best fit and communicate that with the registrar’s office during registration appointments. Please note, none of these carry credits towards graduation nor will grades count towards GPA. Please note, ALEKS and Intermediate Algebra have a cost associated. 

Students who complete the supplemental math requirements over the summer will not be restricted to a 12 credit course load in Fall of 2021.

Students who do not complete ALEKS (including successful completion of a final assessment given upon completion of ALEKS) or who do not successfully complete the MMA Intermediate Algebra course will be limited to 4 academic courses during the Fall semester, and will be enrolled in the co-requisite Math course Problem Solving in Mathematics. 

ALEKS is a self-paced computer tutorial program. This option is intended for highly motivated, self-directed, independent students.  It is an online learning platform tailored to an individual student’s needs based on embedded assessments. To work effectively, students must work independently without assistance from friends, family, tutors, or on-line resources.  There is no faculty instruction with this option. Students complete this course at their own pace, at times of their choosing over a 6-week period (June 21 through July 30th). All students choosing this option must earn an 80% or better on a final assessment given on July 30th. There is a variable registration cost for this option.

More on ALEKS

The Academy will offer our Intermediate Algebra course online this summer. This course covers the same topics the co-requisite course covers, but would do so prior to taking Precalculus with Trigonometry (SM1111). This is a review of high school algebra to prepare students for college-level mathematics. Topics include rational, radical, and quadratic equations, introduction to conics, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

This course will be offered online, and instructed by an Academy faculty member. It will run from June 21 through July 30 (days of the week and times are yet to be determined). Students will need to earn a C or better in this course for it to fulfill the supplemental mathematics requirement. This course is being offered at MMA this summer for a reduced cost of $275. Students can register for this by contacting

It may be possible for a student to take a course equivalent to Intermediate Algebra at another institution, but a request must be made to for the course to be reviewed and approved for fulfillment of the supplemental mathematics requirement. 

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact our Science and Mathematics Department Chair, Dr. Lori Noble at