Humanities Curriculum


You'll first take a composition course that focuses on the skills necessary for logical presentation of thoughts and ideas. In your second semester, you will take a literature course where you will read, analyze, and interpret fiction, poetry, and drama for meaning, technique, cultural and historical context, and significance as literary art. After taking these two courses as a base, you'll take two additional courses from the Humanities department.

Social Science Requirements for all Undergraduate Programs

  • HU-1111 English Composition or HU-6012 Advanced Expository Writing (with permission of the department chair)
  • HU-1222 Writing About Literature
  • One course from Humanities Group I
  • One course from either Humanities Group I or Group II


 English Composition or Advanced Expository Writing

Permission is required from the Humanities department chair to take the Advanced Expository Writing course. 

English Composition guides students in discovering and creating mean- ing through language and writing and provides further guidance as they generate ideas and organize structures for reflection, persuasion,
analysis, and argument. The course provides opportunities to critically read and examine various texts, to explore and analyze different rhetorical strategies, to develop and support a controlling idea and/or thesis statement, to study the writing process, and to revise meaningfully and independently. It gives guidance in synthesizing and documenting information and offers suggestions for effective grammar, usage, punctuation, spelling, or other mechanics, as needed. The course asks students to collaborate with their classmates and instructor through team assignments, discussion, presentations, individual conferences
and, when appropriate, peer review. By focusing first on fluency, then on clarity, then on correctness, the course gives students ample opportunity to develop and refine their writing skills for various audiences and purposes, both in and beyond college. (Minimum C- grade required to receive course credit).

  • Credits: C
  • Offered: Fall and Spring
  • Prerequisite: None
  • STCW: Knowledge

This course will provide students with a continuation and further development of writing skills and the writing process introduced in English Composition. This course meets the General Education and STCW requirements for English Composition. (Minimum C- grade required to receive course credit).

  • Credits: 3
  • Offered: Fall and Spring
  • Prerequisite: None
  • STCW: Knowledge

Writing about Literature

You will take this in your second semester.

This course provides an introduction to the understanding and appreciation of prose, poetry and drama. Students will read, analyze, and write about the genres from different critical perspectives. Students will study representative authors and be exposed to a variety of forms and styles from a wide range of historical periods.

  • Credits: 3
  • Prerequisite: HU-1111 or HU-6012
  • Offered: Fall and Spring
  • STCW: None

Humanities Group I

After taking the two base courses, you will select a literature course from a variety of genres, historical periods, and subject matter:

  • HU-5021 Literature of the Sea
  • HU-5022 Literature and Film
  • HU-5023 Irish Literature
  • HU-5024 Shakespeare’s Tragedies and Comedies
  • HU-5025 Short Stories
  • HU-5026 Literature and Mythology
  • HU-5027 Literature of the Supernatural
  • HU-5028 Drama
  • HU-5029 Contemporary Literature
  • HU-5030 Poetry
  • HU-5031 War Literature
  • HU-5032 American Literature I: Colonial to the Civil War
  • HU-5033 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present
  • HU-5034 Writers of the American South
  • HU-5035 American Theater
  • HU-5036 Survival Literature
  • HU-5038 Moby-Dick
  • HU-5039 Detective Literature
  • HU-5040 The Graphic Novel
  • HU-5041 African American Literature: Pre-Harlem Renaissance
  • HU-5042 African American Literature Through the Blues
  • HU-5043 African American Literature: Post-Harlem Renaissance
  • HU-5044 Post-Humanism Literature
  • HU-5046 Contemporary Literature: The Hunger Games
  • HU-5055 Irish Fiction
  • HU-5056 Sports Literature
  • HU-5090 Special Topics: Humanities Group I

Humanities Group II

After taking the two base courses, you will also choose an elective from a broad range of offerings within the

  • HU-2141 Spanish I
  • HU-2242 Spanish II
  • HU-2341 Elementary Chinese I
  • HU-2342 Elementary Chinese II
  • HU-6012 Advanced Expository Writing
  • HU-6045 Environmental Writing
  • HU-6051 Philosophy
  • HU-6054 Ethics
  • HU-6055 Introduction to World Religions
  • HU-6057 Composing in New Media
  • HU-6060 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • HU-6061 Creative Writing: Fiction
  • HU-6063 Introduction to Women’s/Gender Studies
  • HU-6064 Women and Film
  • HU-6065 Creative Writing: Nonfiction
  • HU-6071 Public Speaking
  • HU-6072 Business Communications
  • HU-6073 Technical Writing
  • HU-6080 Introduction to Art
  • HU-6090 Special Topics: Humanities Group II