TWIC Enrollment for International Students

Freshmen/Fourth Class cadets are encouraged to enroll in a TWIC enrollment program facilitated by the Commandant of Cadets. If you are a 4/C planning on going on the sea term this winter - and you are sincere about continuing to study at MMA - you may register for an appointment with the Commandant’s office to visit the local TWIC enrollment center. The Commandant’s Office will arrange for group transportation to the Pocasset EC.

If you prefer to enroll on your own, make an appointment to visit an enrollment center by calling 1-855 DHS-UES1 (1-855-347-8371) Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 10 PM Eastern. 

1. Closest UES  Enrollment Center

UES Enrollment Center
50 Portside Drive, Unit F, Suite 2, 
Pocasset, MA 02559-1928. 

2. Hours of Operation Tuesday 

Friday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. 

3. Required Payment and Documentation for Non-U.S. Citizens (effective April 20, 2013)
Only F-1 and J-1 cadets enrolled at U.S. Merchange Marine Academy or comparable State maritime academy and sponsored by the U.S. Marine Administration (MARAD) may request a TWIC card.

Cadets must provide the following documents

  • $129.75 paid by credit card or money order
  • A complete TWIC enrollment form
  • As well as the documents below:

Canadian Citizens:

  • MARAD sponsorship letter AND
  • I-94 (Arrival-Departure Record) either paper-based or electronic print-out AND
  • One of the following:
  • Canadian Passport OR
  • Nexus Card (identifying Canadian citizenship) OR
  • SENTRI Card (identifying Canadian citizenship) OR
  • FAST Card (identifying Canadian citizenship) OR
  • Enhanced Driver's License

All other nationalities, ONE of the following:

  • Foreign Passport AND Visa AND MARAD sponsorship letter OR
  • Foreign Passport AND I-797A with I-94 at the bottom (demonstrating approved change in status) AND MARAD sponsorship letter

4. How to obtain and I-94 and or MARAD sponsorship 

I-94: Effective April 30, 2013, paper I-94s will no longer be issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at air and sea environments, rather an electronic record will be created upon an individual's arrival and an admission stamp will be placed on their travel document. These individuals will be able to print out an electronic I-94 ( Since automation only affects air and sea arrivals, paper I-94s will continue to be issued at the land borders. CBP will also provide paper I-94s to refugees, certain parolees, and whenever they determine the issuance of a paper form is appropriate. While traditional based I-94s will continue to be acceptable for TWIC enrollment purpose, the new I-94 electronic print-outs will now be valid as well.

MARAD sponsorship: Cadets must have their I-94 first before requesting MARAD sponsorship from Captain Marie H. Huhnke, Director of Sea Going Professional Services, STCW.

Phone: (508) 830-5071
Location: STCW/Licensing Office, Career Services, Kurz

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