TS Kennedy Heading to Houston

The Academy has been formally notified by the Maritime Administration (MARAD) that the Training Ship Kennedy (TSK) will be activated in support of FEMA’s response to Hurricane Harvey in Texas. While this will disrupt the fall semester a bit, it is the right thing to do and the precise reason why the United States Federal Government loans our Academy such a valuable asset.

The TSK is scheduled to sail at 10:30 on 6 September (subject to change). There are many details to work through in the coming days and I ask that all those effected by this change be as accommodating as possible as we act swiftly to assist our fellow citizens who fell in harm’s way.

For those who wish to help, we suggest that donations be made to one of the many organizations assisting in the relief effort. For those who wish to assist specifically in the activation of the TSK, we believe that she is fully crewed but you may contact American Overseas Corp. as they will be staffing the vessel.

View a printable PDF of this announcement from our President