Transfer Student Bump up Policy

For a transfer student to bump up from 4/C to 3/C, (s)he must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Complete Fall semester at MMA
  • Complete Sea Term I or Experiential Learning (if required by major)
  • Transfer credits + MMA credits + Winter requirement must total at least
    • 51 credits for Marine Transportation/Marine Engineers
    • 48 credits for Marine Safety & Environmental Protection/Emergency Management
    • 45 credits for International Maritime Business/Facilities Engineers/Energy System Engineers
  • Completed English Composition I
  • Completed Algebra/ Trigonometry
  • Completed Chemistry I
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 1.8

The registrar automatically reviews all 4/C transfer students for the possibility of bumping up during the winter term. No action is needed by the student. Questions regarding bumping up can be sent to Danielle Bumpus at or 508-830-5027.