Training & Support

The Instructional & Media Services department offers training and support to faculty and staff.   

Attend our Learning Workshops!  The Instructional & Media Services department will be offering 30 minute workshops on Blackboard every Wednesday and Thursday.  Workshops will take place in Kurz 201  (ITMS Lab).   The lab has a max capacity of 4.  To Sign Up, submit a Helpdesk ticket and include the date and time of the session you're interested in attending.  

Workshop Schedule:

More coming this Spring 2019!!!:   Keep checking back for details on upcoming workhshops on Blackboard 

If you are interested in features of Blackboard that are not on our current workshop schedule or are interested in learning other instructional technologies on campus, please contact the HelpDesk to schedule training with us. Please include your availability and topic of interest in the ticket.  

                     508-830-5308 | Submit an Online Ticket

Have a question about Blackboard?  Other tools such as Google Apps (gmail, docs, drive, etc.)? Drop by our office in Kurz 201 on Tuesdays for open office hours from 9-1!