Training & Support

The Instructional & Media Services (IMS) team are having 30-minute workshops on Blackboard in Kurz 201.  If you cannot join us at the scheduled time, please email the IT Help Desk and we will schedule a session with you. 

Workshop Schedule for Fall 2019:

Introduction to Blackboard Learn LMS:  September 16, 17 & 19   8AM, 11AM, 12PM

Blackboard Learn is a program that allows instructors to create, deliver, and manage web-based components for courses. It can be used to add online elements to a traditional course, or to develop blended and online courses. 

This workshop will give an overview of the following subjects - There will be more in-depth workshops on these topics this semester:

1. Login and maneuver the navigation menu. 
2. Course environment – Edit mode, course menu and dashboard.
3. Communication tools – Course announcements, email and discussion boards.
4. Course content – How to upload and organize content files.
5. Creating assignments – how to create assignments for students to complete.
6. Overview of Grade Center – How you can keep track of student grades.
7. Overview of the test and quizzes function and features.

Blackboard Attendance feature Workshop: September 23, 24 & 26  8AM, 11AM, 12PM

The Blackboard Attendance Tool is a new feature whereby you can track attendance at class meetings and automatically turn that data into a score in the Grade Center. This tool relies on manual instructor input, rather than having the students mark themselves as present or absent.

Blackboard Grade Center Workshop:  September 30, October 1 and October 3  8AM, 11AM, 12PM

In the Blackboard Grade Center, you can provide and manage your student’s grades for assignments, tests, discussion posts, journals, blogs, wikis, attendance as well as ungraded items such as surveys. You can also create your own columns for gradable items such as participation and assignments given outside of Blackboard. The Grade Center is customizable based on your preference to show students their grades and which grades to calculate toward the student’s final grade. You can also use the weighted totals in grade center to calculate the student’s final grade based on your final grading criteria. 

***If you are interested in features of Blackboard that are not on our current workshop schedule or are interested in learning other instructional technologies on campus, please contact the HelpDesk to schedule training with us. Please include your availability and topic of interest in the ticket.***