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The Instructional & Media Services department offers training and support to faculty and staff.   

Workshop Schedule for Spring Semester 2019

March 2019  Introduction to Blackboard:

The IMS Department will be offering "Lunch & Learn Workshops" this spring semester.  The workshops will take place in Kurz 202 (Patriot State) every Wednesday and Thursday from 1200-1300.

During the month of March 2019 we will be offering the following:

Introduction to Blackboard Learn LMS:

Blackboard Learn is a program that allows instructors to create, deliver, and manage web-based components for courses. It can be used to add online elements to a traditional course, or to develop blended and online courses. 

Planning your Blackboard course is possibly the most important step to ensure a successful experience for your students. If you invest time in the planning stage, the course building and managing stages will be significantly easier. 

Once you have a clear sense of your goals for using Blackboard, you can develop a prioritized task list for building your course. At each stage of course design, ask yourself “Which materials and activities will best help students to learn the topic and develop their skills?”

Our instructional team will show you the uses and tools in Blackboard to help you get started building your course in these lunch & learns. 

You will learn about the following in Blackboard Learn:

1. Login and maneuver the navigation menu. 
2. Course environment – Edit mode, course menu and dashboard.
3. Communication tools – Course announcements, email and discussion boards.
4. Course content – How to upload and organize content files.
5. Creating assignments – how to create assignments for students to complete.
6. Overview of Grade Center – How you can keep track of student grades.
7. Overview of the test and quizzes function and features.

Workshops for April and May will be posted at the end of the month.  

If you are interested in features of Blackboard that are not on our current workshop schedule or are interested in learning other instructional technologies on campus, please contact the HelpDesk to schedule training with us. Please include your availability and topic of interest in the ticket.  

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                     508-830-5308 | Submit an Online Ticket

Have a question about Blackboard?  Other tools such as Google Apps (gmail, docs, drive, etc.)? Drop by our office in Kurz 201 on Tuesdays for open office hours from 9-1!