Student Reporting Obligations

While most employees are responsible for reporting Title IX violations, most of our students are not. That is, unless you are a student that holds a leadership position within the Regiment of Cadets.  As an extension of the Commandant of Cadets Office, Cadet Cadre have a responsibility to share information about incidents involving sexual violence, including sexual assault/ harassment, dating violence, discrimination and/or stalking to a Title IX Coordinator or other mandated reporter.

All other students are not required to report incidents.  Students with concerns about a friend are encouraged to consult with a confidential resource (such as the Counseling Center or Health Services) about how to best support their friend.

Listening is one of the most important ways you can support your friend. Some people will want to talk right away, and others will need some time. Let the person you care about know that you will be ready when (s)he is. Let them talk while you simply listen.

Be aware of the need for privacy. The Academy is a very small community. Always ask for permission before you tell someone about your friend’s experience. By asking first, you are helping to give them some control over the situation.  Allow your friend to consider all the options available to them.