Sophomore & Junior Fire Fighting Details

3C Firefighting Lecture

Thursday, March 12 – Flanagan Hall 1900 – 2200, Students with last name A - L
Tuesday, March 24 – Admirals Hall 1900 – 2200, Students with last name M – Z

*Register in DFS/MFA’s Learning Management System

2C Firefighting Lecture

Tuesday, March 10 - Admirals Hall: 1900 – 2200, Students with last name A - L
Thursday, March 19- Admirals Hall: 1900 – 2200, Students with last name M - Z

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Practical dates (ALL 3C AND 2C register in Self Service for FF-0106 for one date AND in DFS/MFA’s Learning Management System):

17, 19 March         Tuesday, Thursday
24, 26 March         Tuesday, Thursday
31 March               Tuesday
7, 9 April                Tuesday, Thursday
12 May                  Tuesday
4 June                   Thursday

All sophomore and junior MENG & MTRA are required to attend the lecture, pass the test with a grade of 80% or higher, and complete the one day practical. All (3) components must be successfully completed to PASS FF-0106 Firefighting.

How to Register in DFS/MFA's Learning Management System: 

All students are REQUIRED to create a profile and register online with Department of Fire Services/Massachusetts Firefighting Academy (DFS/MFA) for the lecture and practical date(s).  Follow the detailed instructions below:

Type in the Link: on your computer or cell phone/tablet.

Click on the box: “Log on to the DFS Learning Management System (LMS) “

Create a profile for all first time users:

  1. On the login screen click on the word HERE (in blue) within the sentence above the login fields.
  2. On the next screen click on MY ACCOUNT (top right)
  3. Click CONTINUE under Create an Account (in center of screen below the warning)
  4. Fill in all the fields.  All fields with a red * are mandatory
  5. Review and check off the acknowledgment at the bottom, then click SAVE
  6. Once your account has been created, follow instructions on how to register below.

How to register:

  1. Click on Catalog Search icon (within the Training box)
  2. Either start typing in the title of the activity, the activity code or click on the magnifying glass for more search options.
  3. When you see the activity you want, click on the picture then click on Schedule Sessions and locate the session you want.  Click View Details for more information
  4. Click Add to Cart under the box of the session you choose.
  5. Enter Reserved Seat Code (if applicable)
  6. Read & check off that you agree to liability waiver.
  7. Once completed click Register towards the bottom of the screen.

It will say the activity has been transferred to your Learning Activities page which means your registration has been submitted.  You will receive an email to confirm you registration.  You can view your ongoing Learning Activities on your dashboard.  This is where you can modify or cancel your registration if necessary.  You may click on the picture to view more details and attachments.