"Every strike brings me closer to my next home run." -Babe Ruth

Umpire cartoon that shows he is ready for these games


Softball Rules

Games are 6 Innings long

Slow pitch with a reasonable arc

10 Field players including pitcher and catcher

3 outs per team

1 strike swinging is an out

2 foul balls is an out

Slaughter rule is 10 runs after 5 innings

Softball Schedule and Results

Week 1

Sept 11th
1700 4co vs 7co 4th Company wins 8-4

1800 2co vs 6co 6th Company wins 10-5

Sept. 12th
1700 7co vs 2co 7th Company wins 10-9

1800 5co vs 1co 5th Company wins 27-3

Sept. 13th
1700 6co vs 3co 6th Company wins 9-3

1800 1co vs 4co 4th Company wins 17-11

Sept. 14th
1700 3co vs 7co 7th Company wins 27-14

1800 4co vs 6co 6th Company wins 12-11

Week 2

Sept 18th
1700 7co vs 5co 5th Company wins 9-8

1800 1co vs 2co 1st Company wins 6-1

Sept 19th
1700 4co vs 5co 5th Company wins 1-0

1800 2co vs 3co3rd Company wins 7-3

Sept 20th
1700 1co vs 6co13-8 1st Company wins

1800 3co vs 5co23-18 5th Company wins

Sept 21th
1700 2co vs 4co4th company wins 5-1

1800 1co vs 7co9-8 1st Company wins             
Week 3

Sept 25th
1700 4co v 3co3rd Company wins 21-10

1800 6co v 5co6th Company wins 6-5

Week 3

Sept 26th- top 4 teams playoffs
1700 6th Company beats 2nd Company 10-3

1800 4th Company beats 5th Company 6-4

Sept 27th - Championship

6th Company beats 4th Company 13-5

Home Team in Blue   Away Team In Yellow