"Every strike brings me closer to my next home run." -Babe Ruth

The first Intramural sport of the year was softball. This event was a great success and built friendships among the freshmen. In this photo above features the 2017 Fall Intramural Sotball champions 6th Company. 6th Company beat 4th Company to become the champions and to get the championship tee shirts.

Softball Rules

  • Games are 6 Innings long
  • Slow pitch with a reasonable arc
  • 10 Field players including pitcher and catcher
  • 3 outs per team
  • 1 strike swinging is an out
  • 2 foul balls is an out
  • Slaughter rule is 10 runs after 5 innings

Softball Schedule and Results

Week 1

Sept 11th
1700 4co vs 7co 4th Company wins 8-4

1800 2co vs 6co 6th Company wins 10-5

Sept. 12th
1700 7co vs 2co 7th Company wins 10-9

1800 5co vs 1co 5th Company wins 27-3

Sept. 13th
1700 6co vs 3co 6th Company wins 9-3

1800 1co vs 4co 4th Company wins 17-11

Sept. 14th
1700 3co vs 7co 7th Company wins 27-14

1800 4co vs 6co 6th Company wins 12-11

Week 2

Sept 18th
1700 7co vs 5co 5th Company wins 9-8

1800 1co vs 2co 1st Company wins 6-1

Sept 19th
1700 4co vs 5co 5th Company wins 1-0

1800 2co vs 3co 3rd Company wins 7-3


Sept 20th
1700 1co vs 6co1st Company wins 13-8

1800 3co vs 5co 5th Company wins 23-18

Sept 21st
1700 2co vs 4co4th company wins 5-1

1800 1co vs 7co9-8 1st Company wins             
Week 3    

Sept 25th
1700 4co v 3co3rd Company wins 21-10

1800 6co v 5co6th Company wins 6-5

Week 3

Sept 26th- top 4 teams playoffs
1700 6th Company beats 2nd Company 10-3

1800 4th Company beats 5th Company 6-4

Sept 27th - Championship

6th Company beats 4th Company 13-5

Home Team in Blue   Away Team In Yellow