Friendly Librarians

Ask us for help! That's why we're here. We can help with your research for your papers and assignments. Also ask us about Google Apps (like Google Docs), presentation software, plagiarism prevention and bibliography creators. 

Library Instruction

Library staff can provide workshops within your classroom on how to use online resources and tools to collaborate in group projects and organize research better to meet the criteria for your assignments. We're experts on:

  • Subject Guides
  • Google Apps
  • Citation Management Software
  • Presentation Software
  • Scholarly Research
  • Blackboard

Please email or stop by to schedule a library instruction session in your course.

Course Reserves

Faculty Reserve Request Form


Printing from desktops

You can print from desktops in the dorms and the IC after logging into a computer with your Portal Guard username and password. Send your print jobs to the default printer (FollowBW). Be sure to log out of your account when you're done. When you're ready to print, choose the printer you'd like to use and swipe your card. Your jobs will be listed and you can release them. Print jobs are stored for 24 hours on this system.

If you have never used this system, you will need to enroll. To enroll:

  1. Use your Portal Guard username and password to log in to one of the desktop computers on campus.
  2. Send a document to the default printer (FollowBW)
  3. Register your Maritime ID card at the 1st deck of the IC; the Help Desk staff can assist you with this process
  4. From now on you can swipe your ID card at any of the dorm or ABS printers to release your print jobs

Printing from your laptop while on campus

If you would like to print from your laptop, you can submit a print job electronically after logging in with your wireless/LDAP password.

Borrowing Materials

MMA affiliates can borrow from our extensive maritime collection. Lending lengths depend on the items being checked out; some of our resources can be borrowed for an entire semester while others can only be used for 3 hours.

Computer Equipment

Public Computers
We have 56 computers desktop computers in our building running on Windows. You must login withPortal Guard to use these computers.

Laptops and Tablets

A variety of tablets and laptops are available for MMA students, staff and faculty. Check-out periods are 48 hours. You will be asked to sign a form previous to checking out the equipment. Our equipment for check-out includes:

  • Lenovo laptops with Windows OS
  • Macbook Pro laptops with Mac OS
  • iPads
  • Asus tablets
  • Lenovo Thinkpads


Need to borrow a TI calculator to study? We have a few different types to borrow for 48 hours. You will be asked to sign a form previous to checking out the equipment.

  • TI-83 Plus
  • TI-84 Plus
  • TI-84 Plus Silver Edition


Presentation Equipment

We have a variety of equipment available for your presentation or teaching needs. Check-out periods are 48 hours unless noted otherwise below. You will be asked to sign a form previous to checking out the equipment. Our presentation equipment for check-out includes:

  • Portable projectors
  • Portable projector screen with stand
  • Presentation clickers
  • Document cameras (7 day loans to faculty & staff only)
  • Eno pens (semester loans to faculty & staff only)
  • Adapters
    • Mac Mini DisplayPort to VGA
    • Mac Mini DisplayPort to HDMI
    • Portable Projector VGA Adapter