Senior MENG & MTRA Training

TO:             1/C Engine and Deck Cadets
FROM:       CDR Huhnke, Director, Mariner Credentialing
SUBJECT:  Senior STCW Training and Credentialing for Fall 2019

Senior year is a dynamic year of planning, interviews, decisions, and preparing to move forward in your life. Start planning ahead now and get geared up to do some hard work and everything should go smoothly.
As much as you can, front load your work – get your training completed in the fall, so that you are free to concentrate on license seminar and final graduation in the spring.

1.  Mandatory Meeting: In order to test during the May 10 – 14, 2020 exam week, you must apply to the USCG to examine.  Initiate your application through this office by attending the mandatory meeting for all deck and engine seniors on September 10, 2019 at 0700 in Admiral’s Hall.  We will go over the application process in detail at that time.

2.  Application to License Due: You must turn in an application for your license by Thursday, October 31, 2019.  Remember: The USCG is inflexible about due dates.  Applications received after the due date are not guaranteed to be approved by the exam date.

3. You must submit either a copy of your current Medical Certificate or a copy of the USCG physical on form USCG 719K with your application.  You can apply on your current med cert as long as it is valid until December 2019.  To be ready for employment, though, you might decide to get a new certificate if your current med cert is set to expire within 2 or 3 months of graduation.  To apply for a new med cert, you must submit a physical recorded on the USCG’s 719-K form with your license application.  Health Services will have appointments for physical exams in September and October (dates TBD – watch the email, the POD, and the television monitors on campus for that information to be posted).  HS will send a copy of the physical to our office.  If you have the exam completed by your own doctor, you are required to bring the completed form to our office with the rest of your completed application package no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019

STCW Audits:

4.  STCW Audits are mandatory for all deck and engine seniorsSign up online for your appointment with CDR Huhnke.  We will review your progress towards licensing, answer questions about training and applications, and give you a running tally on your sea time when you have your appointment.  If you have your application packet completed, bring it with you  

5. Sea Service Documentation: If you just returned from summer commercial ship or for some other reason do not have your discharge on file with Mariner Credentialing, bring this essential documentation to your audit, or submit it ahead of time.  If you received an email last semester requesting your discharge/sea service letter, then you must get a copy and submit to the Mariner Credentialing office. . 

6. Miscellaneous Documentation: Students applying for any type of Tankerman PIC and/or Mate of Tow and/or any other endorsements (like Crowd Management) must apply for that endorsement on the original license application and submit supporting documents to this office by Thursday, April 2, 2020.


7.  Medical Care Provider (PE-0032):  You must register in either the first or second semester of your senior year.  This is a USCG requirement for graduation.  You cannot make up PE-0032 off-campus and this is not the same as Basic CPR.

8.  Senior Firefighting Training (FF-0108): – Please see the attached letter regarding fire fighting training.  Be sure to let me know if you will be a December graduate and need 1/C Firefighting to graduate.

9.  Firefighting Makeup Test:  If you failed your 3C, 2C or 1C FF because you failed the test for the Practicum, than please email Lisa Cervantes @ or schedule an appointment by going to our website, scroll to the middle of the page, click on Make Appointment with Ms. Cervantes.

10.  FCC GMDSS Radio Operator’s ExamsPlease reference the handout you will receive at the mandatory senior licensing meeting for your options for completing these exams.  Your FCC license or Proof-of-Passing letter is due to this office on Thursday, April 2, 2020.


11.  Updated Website: Please use the website to access the most up-to-date information, training calendars, and versions of USCG forms. Start at and then navigate to Mariner Credentialing. In particular, note “Senior Training”.

12.  Voicemail and email: The fastest way for us or a potential employer to reach you with an urgent question or request is by phone/voicemail.  You must have a phone number where you (not your parent) can be reached in your student record. Set up your mailbox and check voicemail daily. The Commandant’s Policy also requires you to monitor and respond to your MMA email. There are several sources of media available for you to know what is happening:  MMA email, Plan of the Week (POW), television monitors located in various buildings, and the Mariner Credentialing Department website. Students who do not respond to communications from this office within 48 hours will receive a Class II.

Finally, I cannot emphasize the need for you to meet all deadlines, to turn in complete and accurate paperwork, and to read and comply with all emails, memos and requests originating from the Mariner Credentialing office.

Please see me with any questions in Harrington Bldg., 2nd Deck, call me at 508-830-5071, or email  You may also schedule an appointment with me by going to our website, scroll to the middle of the page, click on Make Appointment with CDR Huhnke.

For a PDF version, 1/C Engine & Deck Fall Training
For a PDF of our complete Mariner Credentialing Calendar Fall 2019