Senior Engine Licensing

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All Marine Engineering cadets applying for their Third Assistant Engineer, 3AE/OICEW, license are required to complete the Kickoff Questionnaire: License (personal information form).  This is the first step in the senior licensing process to apply to be approved to test for the USCG exams.  This information will be used only by the Mariner Credentialing office to assist you with the licensing process.  

Graduating Senior Engine Application Forms and Personal Documents required:
1.A completed 3AE/OICEW pre-filled form (CG 719B).  Download the form, save to your desktop, fill in, print out and SIGN YOUR NAME. Instructions to complete License Application.
2. A single copy of any previously held MMC document.
3. Only if applicable, the signed 719-C form, if you are reporting drug use or convictions.  Only if "YES" is in Section III of CG-719B Form has been checked off.
4. A single copy of your TWIC (both sides of the card itself) or a single copy the receipt.
5. A single copy of your U.S. Passport
6. A single copy of your your payment receipt for $255.00.  Pay all fees to the USCG on-line.  See detailed Instructions for $255.00 fee provided for your senior license application.
7. The completed CG-719K Physical form Or a single copy of your valid Medical Certificate.   You may have your own doctor complete your physical or make an appointment with our health services.  Our Health Services team will send out information to you on sign-ups for appointment times in the fall and spring.  If MMA Health Services completes your physical, they will forward it to the Mariner Credentialing office.  If you go to your own doctor, you must provide our office with the original completed form.  This completed form is required.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

For the application, you are to type in all the answers you can and print out, single-sided, SIGN YOUR NAME and date the form.  The CG forms to be completed for your Senior Engine application are to be submitted to the Mariner Credentialing office in a manilla envelope (not a folder).  Print your name in the upper right hand corner of the front of the envelope, LAST name, First name.  

For a PDF version of the License Application Checklist