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Cadets of Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Purpose of a Resume

  • Sell yourself
  • Inform the employer
  • Highlight skills & achievements
  • Show what kind of citizen you are

Parts: Biographical Information

  • Full name with style!
  • Address where you get and check your mail
  • Phone number [change your voicemail to a professional message]. Include cell number
  • Maritime email address, not your personal one
  • No need to spell out email/phone: See example

William Tell
14 Main Street, Boston, MA 02119

Parts: Objective - This is Usually Not needed
Only use an Objective if you are looking for something different than your major. Save the space for other important things! See example
Example: EM major looking to work in Hazardous Materials at a Clean-up Environmental Company (related/slightly different). Or an MSEP major (with business minor) looking for an administrative position.

Parts: Education

  • Spell out Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, MA & Degree (Bachelor of Science)
  • List GPA if 3.0 or better
  • List Sea Term & description
  • List License
  • Relevant course work if needed (Unusual classes, not standard ones.)
  • High school - No

Leadership & Experience

  • List any positions you have held where you were the leader of a group.
  • Regimental Operations Officer
  • Regimental Adjunct
  • Cadet Chief Mate
  • Regimental Training and Retention Officer
  • Cadet Chief Engineer
  • Operations Officer
  • Senior Class President
  • Platoon Leader
  • Petty Officer
  • Captain
  • Assistant Captain
  • Coach
  • Eagle Scout

Work Experience
Related Experience

  • Industry-related experience
  • Co-op and Commercial Shipping - Use your co-op project, be descriptive, use bullets; brief phrases; action words; responsibilities

Other Experience

  • List other experience, summer jobs or jobs you work during the year.
  • Lifeguard, waiter, cashier, etc., - you do not need to write job descriptions. Only give details if you had leadership responsibilities.
  • Volunteer activities may fit here.
Other Sections
  • Computer Skills - CAD, GIS, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Certifications - All relevant to your degree
  • Languages - Fluent, conversational or basic

You can combine 2 or 3 of these into 1 section.

  • Honors
  • Military
  • Activities & Volunteer - Not from high school unless unusual.
Action Words

For your job description - see printable Resume Workshop


  • One page - (exception:
  • Easy to read
  • Chronological order-most recent first!
  • Bond paper
  • Font size should be 11 or 12 pt.
  • One-inch borders
  • Save to PDF

Always ask someone to read it!

be consistent

  • Bold: headings and name of companies
  • Italic: degree and your co-op titles
  • Center: addresses
  • Right justify: dates & GPA
  • Punctuation: periods or no periods
  • Lines
  • Spacing

Do not put on your resume:

  • Phone numbers beside your own
  • Crazy/busy or colorful designs, logos, etc.
  • Reference - Create a new page for this

 -- Use the same heading.
 -- References: Name, Organization, Title, Email, Phone #


  • Follow up interview with a personal and professional note to the person (within 24 hours) thanking them for their time and briefly reminding them what you can offer them.
  • Send via email or card.

For Resume & follow-up examples - see printable Resume Workshop

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Remarkable Resumes