Requirements/ Expectations


What we expect from our volunteers at events they attend:

-While volunteering at any location you are a representation not only of yourself, but also a direct representation of the Academy. Any and all actions should be professional in nature and with the upmost level of outstanding character. Please wear the appropriate attire and conform to the rules and regulations of the VCA in charge as well as the event coordinator representing the organization we are assisting. We wish to keep all events fun in nature and make it a pleasant and unforgettable experience that invokes positivity and makes all cadets want to become even more involved with community service while at the Academy.

-Youngie Gear is not necessary to bring to volunteering events, typical uniform is the At Seas unless otherwise specified.

Requirements for Fourth Class Cadets:

-Freshmen will be required to do 10 hours of community service before their sophomore year. If this is not completed there will be disciplinary action in the form of a tap sheet.

- A minimum of 10 hours of the community service must be completed through a school event.
        *** If extenuating circumstances exist, external hours can be counted if cleared by Ms. Mahoney, Ms. Goodwin, or Lt. Jordan prior to the event.***

-There is no requirement for hours to be completed before recognition.

-Freshmen must have the Community Service Completion Form completed for each and every event as well as be sure to sign the roster at events where a VCA is present. The Community Service Completion Form is the individuals responsibility; it should be printed out, be brought to the event and handed in to their respective VCA to receive credit for the hours completed. The VCA's from each company will then collect the sheet and log them in the excel spreadsheet shared with all VCA's for the purpose of tracking. 

-Each muster will be kept in one designated folder for each VCA and the forms will be initialed with the date of entry into the tracker. This ensures hours are all correct.

-On an approximately monthly basis the VCA for your company will come up on deck with a printed out version of the most up to date version of the tracker for their company. It is the responsibility of individuals to verify that the hours reflected on this tracker are correct. If for some reason they are not correct please meet with your VCA and kindly discuss this issue. The reason we require so much redundancy in the forms is to be able to maintain an accurate paper trail and avoid any discrepancies.