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Reporting Options

There are three ways to "report" an incident of sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, gender based harassment, stalking, and retaliation.

Reporting an incident to confidential resources, does not launch an investigation and is used for a victim to seek physical, emotional, spiritual, and medical support to help them through a traumatic expierence. Reporting an incident to a non-confidential resource helps to prevent future offenses within the MMA community and launches an impartial, administrative, investigation that may result in disciplinary action. A victim also always has the right to make no report at all. 

Confidential Resources


Private, Non Confidential Resources

Make No Report

It is always within the victims rights to make no report at all. 

However, the Academy strongly encourages victims to seek medical attention, counseling, and support. A complaint can always be filed with the Academy at a later date, however, a delay in reporting could weaken the evidence necissary to determine whether the accused is found responsible.