Reporting Options

You have several options for reporting including Confidential Reports, Non-Confidential Reports and Making No Report at all. 

If you are unsure of what to do, discussing alternative reporting options and available resources with a confidential reporting source is highly recommended.  They can hear your story and give you the available support services you need and where they can be found, so that you can make an informed decision about how you would like to proceed. 

The only on-campus, confidential* reporting options are:

  • Counseling Center (3rd Company),
  • Health Services (4th Company)
  • Campus Chaplain (Father Jim Houston)

*If a person presents an imminent threat of harm to one’s self or others, a clinical provider may break confidentiality

Off-campus, confidential reporting options include any off-campus medical provider, rape crisis center, counseling and/or victim support services, and off-campus chaplains, clergy, or pastoral counselors.

All other entities on campus (i.e. Cadet Cadre, Company Officers, Academy Administrators, Campus Police, the President, Deans and DH’s, Faculty, Staff, Coaches, and Title IX Coordinators to name a few) are non-confidential and will share information with Academy officials and employees who need to know it in order to implement Academy policies and procedures.

Victims have the right not to make a report to anyone.  The Academy, however, strongly encourages (particularly in a sexual violence case) to seek medical attention, counseling and support.  Victims are always welcome to file a report at a later date, but please note that a delay in reporting could weaken the evidence necessary to determine whether the accused is found responsible for committing an act of sexual violence, sexual harassment, gender-based discrimination or harassment, domestic/dating violence, stalking or retaliation.