Regimental Manual - Chapter 6 Cadet Rooms and Stowage

6-200     Room Policies

6-300     Policy on Visitors

6-400     Room Inspections

6-500     Arrangement and Stowage Cadet Rooms

6-600     Room Check-out Procedures

6-700     Room Searches

6-800     Dormitory Elevators

6-100 Residence Hall Policy

101 Consideration for your shipmates should be the keystone in describing appropriate conduct.  During study or quiet time, decorum should be maintained to provide a quiet atmosphere that does not intrude on anyone else's right or needs.  Additionally, respect for public property must be considered when determining appropriate conduct.  The following comments and recommendations are provided:
A. Athletic games are not tolerated in the dormitories.
B. Loud or boisterous conduct on the part of individuals, such as playing radios, stereos or RVs so loudly that they can be heard in adjacent rooms, is not authorized.  Use of earphones, especially during study hours, is encouraged.
C. Shouting or calling from dormitory windows is not authorized.
D. No skateboards. scooters, rollerblades, bikes or other wheeled objects are allowed inside any of the buildings at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

102 Dormitory Occupancy Agreement
A. Each occupant of an individual dormitory room at the Academy will execute and be governed by the terms of a Dormitory Occupancy Agreement (Figure 6-1).  Cadets will be responsible for any damage to the dormitory complex and its contents.
B. For the purpose of assessing damage charges, the dormitory complex will be divided into zones, as follows:
     1. First Company
     2. Second Company
     3. Third Company
     4. Fourth Company
     5. Fifth Company
     6. Sixth Company
     7. Seventh Company
     8. Common Areas
Each zone will be further sub-divided by individual decks and each deck into individual rooms.
C. Costs of repairs or replacement of damage items judged to be appropriate to charge to a cadet or group of cadets will be determined as follows:
     1. Damage occurring in the Common Areas will be assessed equally against all members of the Regiment of Cadets.
     2. Damage occurring in individual company dormitories, other than individual rooms, will be assessed to members of that Company.
     3. Damage occurring in individual cadet rooms will be assessed to cadets assigned to that room.
     4. When an individual cadet or group of cadets who cause damage to the facilities can be identified, the cost of such damage will be borne by the responsible party(ies).
D. Specific prices for the most common dormitory damages, including labor, are available in the Facilities Office.

103 Cadet Room Keys/ID Cards
A. Each cadet will be issued a photo identification card which will also serve as his/her room key.
B. The ID card/room key is the sole possession of the cadet to whom it is assigned and must not be shared with other cadets.
C. Room doors are to be kept locked when the cadet is not in the room.  Cadets will not use the dead bolt to keep the room door open.
D. To report and replace a lost, missing or damaged ID card, please enter an IT Ticket at:
Replacement cards can be purchased at the Business Office and picked up at the Help Desk in the ABS.
E. Cadets are expected to have the ID card in their possession at all times.  Cadets who find themselves locked out of their room must report to their Company Officer during the day or the ASDO after hours to gain access.  The use of coat hangers and/or any other improvised devises to open will be subject to disciplinary action.

6-200 Room Policies

201 Cadet Room Rules
A. A cadet is responsible for the condition of the room, furniture and its arrangement, and cleanliness of the room to which he/she is assigned.  Rooms must be locked at all times with the exception of study hours, and/or while having a guest of the opposite sex, at which time the door will remain open.
B. There is only one authorized room arrangement.  Dormitory furniture must be arranged as pictured in Figure 6-3.
C. Bunks will be made neatly and clothing and equipment will be stowed properly prior to room inspection each day.
D. Lockers will be arranged neatly in accordance with diagram in Figure 6-6.
E. Windows will be kept clean.  Markings, decals, etc., are not authorized and will not be placed on windows or doors.
F. No food, beverages, clothing, etc., will be left in the windows or hanging from windows.
G. Decks will be kept clean, polished, and free of marks and dirt. 
H. The exit from the room must not be blocked.  State fire law requires a clear path form the window to the door.
I. Wall lockers, desk drawers, bins and boxes are subject to daily inspections as well as 9/10 inspections.
J. All pictures, posters, etc., displayed in the room must be displayed properly.  Pictures and screensavers and computer wallpaper must be in good taste.  Nudes or obscene materials are not permitted.
K. No flags, drapes, cloth posters, fishnets, spreads, etc., will be suspended from or affixed in such a manner so as to cover or block any part of the overhead bulk head.
L. No alcohol advertisements are allowed.
M. Drapes in all dormitory rooms will be of a uniform style and color and will be hung similarly so as to present a symmetrical exterior appearance.  Drapes will not be removed from windows.
N. Fresh fruit, candy bars and packages from home are permitted for snacks.  Care must be taken to prevent crumbs and debris from detracting from the appearance of the room or creating an infestation problem.
O. Pets are not permitted in dormitory rooms.  Fish, spiders, snakes, lizards, etc., are considered pets and are prohibited.
P. Nails, hooks, adhesives, etc., will not be authorized for the overhead, bulkheads or doors.
Q. the use of colored bulbs or such material that will give this effect is prohibited. 
R. Rugs are prohibited in 2/C, 3/C and 4/C cadet rooms.  An exception is that a 2/C Squad Leader may have a rug.  Rugs in 1/C rooms must be taken up for Captain's Inspection.
S. The only furniture authorized in cadet rooms is that which is furnished by the Dormitory Authority.  No furniture may be disassembled or removed from the room.
T. Metal darts and dartboards are prohibited.
U. Candles and incense are strictly prohibited in cadet rooms and dormitory spaces.
V. No cooking, heating or air conditioning appliances of any kind are allowed. This includes coffee pots. Once household fan per room is authorized.
W. Cadets may have other cadets visit them in their rooms.  If the visitor is of the opposite sex, the door must remain completely open.  This applies to all classes.
X. Firearms, sling shots, BB guns, ammunition projectiles, etc., are not authorized under any circumstances.  This includes paintball, air soft guns, cross/single bow/arrows or any facsimile of a weapon (ref. 205-I-1a)

202 The following standards are established for the various classes:
A. Fouth Class Rooms
     1. Rooms shall be arranged in accordance with Figure 6-3.
     2. No stereos, TV sets, posters, rugs, appliances, or extra furniture will be allowed.  Electric clocks and razors are not considered an appliance. Clock radios are not authorized.
     3. One photograph per occupant is allowed.
     4. Rooms must be kept neat and clean at all times.
B. Third Class Rooms
     1. One stereo of reasonable size or a clock radio is allowed.  Televisions, Computer Monitors with television capacity or other electrical appliances are prohibited.
     2. Two (2) posters are allowed for each member of the room.
     3. No televisions, rugs, appliances, or extra furniture will be allowed.  Electric clocks and razors are not considered an appliance.
C. Second Class Rooms
     1. A limit of three accessories, excluding computer equipment, per room will be allowed.  Cadets are not permitted to have more than one stereo, and may choose between either one (1) television set or one (1) small refrigerator.  Second Class Cadets may NOT have both.
     2. Squad leaders may have one (1) small refrigerator and one (1) television set.
     3. Two (2) posters are allowed for each member of the room.
D. First Class Rooms
     1. A limit of five accessories to include a television is authorized excluding computer equipment.  One of these may be a small refrigerator no larger than 2.5 cubic feet.  Toasters, hot plates, water heaters, hot pots, microwave ovens and air conditioners are not allowed
     2. Two (2) posters are allowed for each member of the room.

203 Dormitory Lounge Furniture
Absolutely no lounge furniture will be allowed in cadet rooms.  The sofas and chairs are not to be removed from the lounges without specific authorization from the Commandant of Cadets.

204 Fire Safety Rules
A. No cooking or heating appliance of any kind is permitted.
B. No candles, incense, or chemical heating substances (Sterno) will be used in cadet rooms.  No open flame is permitted.
C. Electric advertising signs are prohibited.
D. Tampering with or blocking the heat/smoke detectors in the dormitory rooms or passageways is prohibited.
E. Plastic milk cartons, wooden cartons, and other extraneous flammable materials are prohibited.
F. Storage of Class B flammables such as compressed air cylinders, motor oil, propane and brake fluid is prohibited.
G. Prior to use, all extension cords should be carefully inspected to prevent short circuits or frayed insulation from creating shock or fire hazards.  Electrical extension cords will not be placed under rugs or near the sink or other sources of water.
H. Do not overload electrical outlets.
I. Air tanks of any kind are not authorized (ie. Scuba tanks, airsoft tanks)

205 Souvenir Items
Souvenir items must be appropriate.  Empty liquor or beer bottles, cups, or glasses with alcohol logos will not be allowed in cadet rooms.

206 Tobacco Policy
Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited on the MMA campus. The Academy considers smoking and tobacco products to include, but not limited to: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, synthetic smoking products, water pipes (hookahs), chewing tobacco, snuff and any non-tobacco product designed to be combusted and inhaled. The Academy has the right to add products considered to be a smoking/tobacco product to this list at any time. (See Appendix Q for complete policy)

6-300 Visitors Policy

301 Visitors are permitted in the cadet dormitory area only under the following conditions:
A. No overnight visitors are permitted unless prior permission of the Commandant of his/her designated representative has been obtained.
B. Cadets are responsible for their visitors and will not allow visitors to roam the dormitory unescorted.
C. Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable and responsible manner at all times.
D. Male visitors must use restroom facilities designated for males.  Female visitors must use restroom facilities designated for females.
E. Visitors to the dormitory complex must register at the Cadet Information Center with their host cadet.  Visitors will be required to leave proper identification and to provide automobile registration information if applicable.  Each visitor will wear a visitor's badge at all times while on campus.  Badges will be provided at the Cadet Information Center.
F. Each cadet may host a maximum of two visitors at any one time.
G. Visitors with vehicles must comply with cadet parking regulations.
H. Restricted cadets, cadets on conduct probation, cadets in a duty status, and cadets on mandatory study hours are not eligible to have guests.
I. Under no circumstances will an overnight guest of the opposite sex be allowed in the room.

6-400 Cadet Room Inspection Programs

401 Staff Inspection Program
The Program will consist of Personnel, Dormitory and Room Inspections scheduled on the following basis:
A. Periodic Inspections: uniform, inspecting party and date to be determined by the Commandant of Cadets.
B. Captain's Inspections: The Commandant will inspect the weekend Duty Company on designated Mondays.  The Captain's Inspection will be a formal inspection of all cadet personnel and living spaces in the Company.
C. Daily: Cadets' rooms will be inspected on a random basis by members of the Commandant's Staff between 0900 and 1000, Monday - Friday.  During this time, cadets must ensure that they are out of their bunks and that their rooms are ready to be inspected.  The following are inspection regulations and standards:
     1. Bedding neat
     2. Desk and work space neatly organized (unless currently in use)
     3. No clothing articles on the deck, rack or desk
     4. No overflowing trash or recycling
     5. Decks clean
     6. Surfaces dusted

402 Cadet Inspection Program
The Daily Cadet Inspection Program is promulgated by the Regimental Commander.  This schedule shall ensure that, as a minimum, Platoon Leaders and Squad Leaders will inspect Fourth Class cadets on a daily basis and Third Class cadets three times per week.

403 Cleaning Stations
A. The Weekly Cleaning Station Bill is prepared by the Company Damage Control Officer and posted on the company bulletin board.
     1. Each Cleaning Station Bill consists of company supervisor (2/C) 3 to 5 deck supervisors (3/C), and a maximum of 20 4/C (4 for each area of responsibility).  Companies will be responsible for their assigned areas.
     2. Areas of responsibility for all cleaning stations are as follows:  Sweep/dust all passageways and ladder wells, clean study lounges to include microwaves.  Remove trash from all heads/showers and replace trash liner.  Sweep the decks of the heads.  Clean up outside the dorms by pick up trash near the company.  Clean up any spills or marks on decks, bulkheads and overheads.  Sweep and clean laundry rooms.  Remove all dormitory trash to the compactor. 
B. Cleaning Station Supervisor - 2/C
     1. Take muster of all cleaning station and make work assignments.
     2. Responsible for checking to ensure that all cleaning projects are thoroughly completed and that gear lockers are neat and secure.  Any problems/damage must be reported to the Company Officer.
C. Deck Supervisors - 3/C
     1. The 3/C Deck Supervisor will directly supervise the assigned projects.
D. The Facilities Department will be responsible for the daily cleaning of Heads/Showers. If possible, a maintainer will be assigned to a specific company for ownership.  The dorm Facilities Manager will post the name of the assigned maintainer and his/her contact information.
     1. Daily Cleaning includes: showers, urinals, and bowls.  Toilet paper and paper towels will be restocked.  Deck swabbed, mirrors polished and bulkhead/decks clear of any marks.
     2. Each head/shower will be power-washed and sanitized at least once per week and as needed.
     3. The Dorm Facilites Manager will meet with the Commandant or Deputy Commandant to discuss any issues.

6-500 Stowage of Gear in Cadet Rooms

501 Cadet Locker Arrangement
Clothing lockers must be arranged in accordance with Diagram in Figure 6-6.
A. Clothing will be stowed in a neat, folded manner.  Dirty laundry will not be placed on shelves but will be placed in a laundry bag.
B. The First, Second and Third Class may include civilian clothing in the storage plan but must place them behind all other gear in the locker.  Fourth class civilian clothing stowage plan will be promulgated by the Regimental Commander.

6-600 Room Check-Out Procedures

601 Cadet semester room check-out will be accomplished by 1400 on the day of each cadet's last final examination unless other times are approved by the Commandant of Cadets.  Fourth Class Cadets will execute room check-out at a time specified by the Regimental Commander.

602 Each cadet will prepare his/her room for final inspection, execute a Room Check-Out Sheet (Figure 6-7) and submit same to the Company Officer.

603 Cadets are reminded that failure to clean their dormitory room will result in additional charges.

6-700 Room Searches

701 All rooms and contents are subject to search by Academy officials under the conditions of probable cause.  Such action is to be authorized by the Academy President or in the absence of the President, the Academy Staff Duty Officer may authorize the search.

702 Entry into Cadet rooms: Designated Academy officials (Members of the Student Services division, Campus Security, Cadet Officers, and custodial maintenance personnel) are permitted to enter student rooms for the purpose of carrying out their assigned tasks and functions such as room and or personnel inspection, maintenance, etc.  No students other than cadet officers, as noted above, shall enter the room of another student uninvited or unless there is an emergency or valid perception of an emergency that warrants an immediate response.

6-800 Dormitory Elevator

801 The cadet use of the elevator located at the entrance to Sixth Company is limited to individuals with disabilities and injured cadets as documented and authorized by Health Services.

802 Academy officials and workmen on official duty are permitted the use of the elevator.   

803 Cadet violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action

6-900 Figures

Dormitory Occupancy Agreement - Printable


Figure 6-5: Cleaning Station Checklist

Cleaning Station Checklist - Printable


Figure 6-7: Room Check-Out Form

Check Out Procedures - Printable