Regimental Manual - APPENDIX Q

Reviewed 22 February 2018

Smoking/Tobacco (Smoking & Non-Smoking)/Vaping/E-Cigarette/Non-Tobacco Use Policy

The Massachusetts Maritime Academy Board of Trustees voted to ban smoking/tobacco use on campus in December 2008.  This ban became effective on 01 July 2011.  This policy applies to all students, faculty, staff, contractors, vendors and visitors.  The following is the Academy’s policy on smoking/tobacco use on campus property.

State law (MGL ch.270 s.22) prohibits the use of smoking/tobacco products in or near a public building and the Academy will adhere to this law effective 01 July 2011.  The Academy considers smoking and tobacco products to include, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, synthetic smoking products, waterpipes (hookahs), chewing tobacco, snuff and any non-tobacco product designed to be combusted and inhaled.  The Academy has the right to add products considered a smoking/tobacco product to this list at any time.

At no time make smoking / tobacco products be used within any building and at no time may a person expectorate, in the case of smokeless tobacco, on campus property.  The use of these products is prohibited with an Academy owned vehicle including:  cars, trucks, golf carts, vans and boats.

Note:  Smoking / tobacco use is allowed in personal vehicles provided smoke does not migrate into a building or workspace; this provision shall remain available unless amended by the Board of Trustees.

The Academy campus includes all buildings, parking lots, athletic and parade fields, docks, piers, walkways, roadways and beaches.  This policy also extends to buildings and spaces used by the Academy through lease, rental, temporary occupation or other ownership, particularly in off-campus locations.

Cadets must comply with all aspects of this policy and those directed in the Regimental Manual.  All current and future students are made aware of the mandate and as a cadet, shall sign a commitment form to comply with this policy.  Violation of this policy is deemed a Class II offense and administered through the Commandant of Cadets Office.

Violations, other than cadets, will be referred to the Vice President of Operations.  The Academy community is advised to adhere to this policy and enforce it as appropriate.