Regimental Manual - APPENDIX P

Reviewed 22 February 2018

MMA letterhead

24 May 2010

FROM: President
TO: Distribution
SUBJ: Transportation Workers Identification Credential-Tequirement of

The Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) is a personal identification certification administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and fully endorsed by the US Coast Guard (USCG).  It is a security measure meant to insure that individuals who pose a security threat to the United States do not gain unescorted access to our ports and other transportation facilities.  Therefore, any person who needs unescorted access to a port/transportation facility or to a specific vessel requires a TWIC.  Additionally, according to Coast Guard regulations, anyone possessing a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC formerly, an MMD or “z-card”) must possess a TWIC.  The TWIC is issued for a five-year period.  It must be reported if lost or stolen as per guidelines set by TSA.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy fully supports the intention and application of these security efforts, and has included them within the Vessel Security Plan (VSP) of the T.S. Kennedy, approved by the USCG.  That approval requires that all upper-class cadets will be required to hold a TWIC to offset the large number of fourth class cadets who do not have a TWIC.

Who Qualifies?  Any citizen of the United States may apply for a TWIC.  Any foreign individual who meets the visa criteria listed in the document located at may also apply for a TWIC.  Please note that while not specifically prohibited, F-1 visa holders do NOT meet the eligibility criteria for a TWIC.

MMA Policy:  It is the policy of the Academy that all upper-class cadets enrolled at the Academy will possess a TWIC.  Any cadet, who applies for a TWIC card and is denied for any reason, must inform the STCW/Licensing Officer in writing immediately with the specific reason for the denial.

  • All Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering cadets must comply with federal regulations and are, therefore, obligated to obtain a TWIC.
  • All cadet need unescorted access to the vessels in order to complete the requisite seven semesters of maintenance and watchstanding and, therefore, must have a TWIC.
  • All watchstanders, including those standing watches i the dormitory complex, may be required to respond to an emergency situation involving the training ship or waterfront and, therefore, require a TWIC.
  • Cadets enrolled in the IMB, MSEP, FENV, EMSH and ESE programs who may need unescorted access to a port/transportation facility for the purpose of participating in a co-op opportunity or employment, will need a TWIC.

All cadets are required to apply for the TWIC during the spring or summer term following their first year at the Academy.  Prior to the end of the second week of classes of their sophomore (third class) year, cadets must submit 4 clear copies of the front and back of the TWIC card, each front and back together (on the same side) of a single sheet of paper, to the Career Services STCW/Licensing Officer for USCG record-keeping purposes.

All MTRA and MENG students will have to show proof of having a TWIC when they submit their MMC application.

The procedure for obtaining a TWIC card is available at  From the MMA website, hover over “Student Services” and select “STCW/Licensing.”  From the menu on the left-hand side of the page, choose “TWIC cards.”