Regimental Manual - APPENDIX L

Reviewed 22 February 2018

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Care and Action for Students Team (CAST)

Mental health issues can impact and sometimes jeopardize students’ college careers and academic standing.  Because the safety, health and well-being of all students are primary concerns, MMA has designed a team of individuals focused on the care of cadets who may be in distress, Care and Action for Students Team (CAST).

Students often approach faculty or staff members when they need academic support or have personal concerns; therefore you may be the first (or only) person to notice that a student is experiencing distress.  Faculty, in particular, have consistent contact with students, which makes it likely that they will first observe unusual behavior.  While you are not expected to assess or treat mental health problems, you are in a position to recognize certain behavioral changes and may feel compelled to seek professional assistance on behalf of the student.

How to Make a Referral
Members of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s Community may refer students of concern to CAST by submitting the Referral Form located at. Once a referral is submitted, you will be sent an automated reply confirming that your referral has been received, and a member of CAST may contact you for additional information.

Alternately, you can make a referral by contacting any member of CAST.

Emergency Situations
If a student poses an immediate risk of harm to self or others, please call 911 or Public Safety at 508-726-0798 or Extension 1025.

While anonymous reports are accepted, you are STRONGLY encouraged to provide your name and contact information in order to allow us to most effectively address your concern.

Name Title Phone Email
Joshua Tefft Directory, Admissions 508-830-5000 x6687
Christopher Barry Staff Assistant, Athletics 508-830-5000 x1224
Kelly DeMello Assistant Director, Career and Professional Services 508-830-6458
Rory Deegan Assistant Director, Commandant's Office 508-830-5000 x 1004
Jennifer Levesque Counselor 508-830-5000 x1480
Judith Kaechele Director of Health Services 508-830-5243
Pamela Wing Campus Police Officer 508-830-5000 x1025