Q & A

Where am I going to stay?

Temporary Housing:

If you must arrive before check-in, please visit the following websites for temporary housing near MMA:

Permanent Housing:

You will live on campus. The majority of MMA cadets live on campus. Less than 1% of the cadets are eligible to live off campus.

How do I pay my university bill?

Once you have registered for classes your student account will be billed along with any other room and board fees. Your student account must be paid or have a payment plan set up by the 5th day of classes at the start of each semester. Payments can be made through the student's WebAdvisor account or directly to the Business Office on campus. For more information you can visit the Business Office page. 

Payments to the Bookstore can only be arrange while on campus.

If you will pay by debit card, credit card, checks methods other than cash, please check with your bank and make sure you have international service available in the United States and be aware of your international transaction fees.

What am I going to need?

  • Refer to Things to Bring page for suggestions on what you will need during orientation, classes and leisure time.
  • Know baggage limitations: each airline has specific guidelines. Ask your travel agent for details.

Where can I find academic calendar and course catalog?

Academic Calendar

Course Catalog

What should I carry with me when I travel?

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-20/DS-2019
  • MMA Admission Letter
  • Any other Important Document
  • Contact Numbers

What rules must you follow as a regiment cadet at MMA?

As a regimented campus, Massachusetts Maritime Academy follows all the rules and regulations listed in our Regimental Manual. You are also part of our regiment system.

Below are some highlights regarding uniform standards, room standards, grooming standards and etc.

Uniform Standards

Uniforms must be worn at MOFO, classes, Mess Deck/Dining Hall. Make sure your uniform is clean and presentable at all time. Name tags will be provided to you and it should be worn with all classroom uniforms. If you are in an open area, your uniform hat must be worn with uniform. Recreational Uniform can be worn when cadets participating in organized sports activities, intramural clubs, etc.

Grooming Standards


  • Tying your hair in a bun if it's longer than shoulder length.
  • Wearing natural color hair
  • Wearing nude color makeup and natural color nail polish (if applicable).
  • Wearing a maximum of one plain, small, stud-type earring per ear


  • Following the senior grooming standard. That is hair no longer than 1 inch on top, no facial hair except for mustache. Also, hair must be of natural hair color. We have a barber on campus that cuts hair at no charge.

Morning Formation

Formations will be held Monday through Friday and attendance is mandatory for all classes. All cadets will be in complete Uniform of the Day. The Regiment will muster in formation at 0715. The Regiment will march on at 0725. Your company master time and location depends on your own company commander.

Drugs and Alcohol

The entire MMA campus is 100% smoke free and tobacco free.  Any tobacco products (i.e. cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, dip, e-cigarettes, etc.) are strictly prohibited.  

What are resources available on campus?

ABS Library

Refer to opening hours below



Writing Resource Center

provides assistance and feedback for all types of written and verbal communication you will encounter during your program.

Location: 3rd floor of ABS Library

Monday- Thursday  0900-1600 and 1900-2200

Friday                          0900-1400


Mess Deck/Dining Hall

Monday - Friday                                                    Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast         0600-0900                          Brunch 0900-1230

Continental     0900-1030                            Dinner 1700-1800

Lunch                1030-1330

Dinner              1630-2000


The Razor’s Edge

offers a quick alternative to the Academy Dining Hall.

Adjacent to the Fantail

MMA PT gear or Buc gear

Hours of Operation

Monday- Thursday    0700-2000            Friday 0700-1330


Clean Harbors Athletic Center

Monday - Wednesday 0800-2200        Thursday 0800-2000

Friday 0800-1800                                     Weekends 1200-1700

Pool hours are posted each semester and are subject to availability of certified lifeguards.       

An additional fitness gym is located on the 00 deck of 2nd Company.

Barber shop

offers a free haircut service for all cadets.

Location: on the 00 deck of First Company

Monday                1100-1500

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday         1100-1500 and 1600-2000


Bookstore/Uniform Store

Location: Kruz Hall 1st Floor

Store Hours: Monday - Friday 0800-1600

                        Saturdays Special Occasions


Mail Room

Location: on the 00 deck of Second Company

Opening Hours: Monday- Friday 1200-1400 and after 1545

The mailroom is closed weekends and holidays.

Mail should be addressed to   Cadet (first name, last name)
                                                101 Academy Drive
                                                 Buzzards Bay, MA 02532-3405