IMB faculty member Portia Ndlovu

Ndlovu, Portia Fikile

Associate Professor
Department International Maritime Business
Office Location Kurz Hall 211
Email Address
Phone Number (508) 830-5000 x2127

Education: PhD, LLM, LLB - University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban South Africa Attorney of the High Court, South Africa Rough Diamond Certification - De Beers Diamond School, South Africa

Background: My background is specialization in commercial legal principles of international trade particularly, Maritime Law/Maritime Business (main specialty) which directly includes, International Commerce, International Trade, Environmental Regulation, International Diamond Trade Law and other International Law subjects. I have taught and researched for over a decade in these subjects. My research has also extended to Asia Pacific trade matters, Maritime Pedagogy, the Mining of Sea Areas, employment of vessels for mining and the Law of the Sea. I have coordinated the Maritime Law and Commerce programs in different nations in service to the academic institutions I have been affiliated with during the course of my career. I have also visited the UN Maritime University, the World Maritime University (WMU) (2012). As a practicing Maritime lawyer, I provided consultancy services to Government bodies such as the Ports Regulator in South Africa, legal compliance advice and policy advice and support to various commercial entities and law firms. I have also sat as an arbitrator and assessor in various tribunals bringing specialized academic and practical legal knowledge of maritime business matters. I have written for various peer reviewed journals and published books with my most recent book 'Diamond Law' receiving a citation for ‘Most Notable Publication Received in the Energy and Natural Resources Law Journal (JERL) Vol. 31 No 3 2013.