Caron, Eric

Adjunct Faculty
Emergency Management (EM)

Mr. Eric J. Caron is a former U.S. Diplomat, U.S. Special Agent and a HSBC Middle East Bank Executive who successfully initiated and managed covert operations that identified and disrupted international proliferation networks, terror financing, and transnational crime networks involved in drug smuggling, human trafficking and intellectual property rights (IPR) violations. He has held senior positions within Homeland Security Investigations and INTERPOL. Eric’s accomplishments have been highlighted by media outlets from around the world. He received the U.S. Attorney General’s Award for his “Endeavors in furthering the interest of US National Security.” He is currently a security consultant as well as an analyst for Channel 7 News in Boston, MA.

Mr. Caron’s efforts are exemplified in the very first Department of Justice prosecution of several executives who illegally provided a defense service and exported controlled U.S. technology to former Russian military facilities. The imported finished Russian technology was subsequently sold to the US Military. In addition, he arrested a former dean from Moscow University and his Belarus business partner who were attempting to acquire US F-15J radar equipment.

Eric was the lead DHS official in Dubai, responsible for preventing WMD materials from entering the U.S. and military technology from being acquired by Iran. In addition, he led money laundering, counter proliferation and border security training for UAE and Oman Police and Customs Officials. He also traveled to Afghanistan to lead an antimoney laundering and corruption seminar.

Former Special Agent Caron concluded his career as the Resident Agent in Charge, HSI/Providence, RI, where he led the state’s largest counterfeiting investigation, resulting in the seizure of over $1Million of counterfeit sporting apparel from the NBA and NFL. In addition, he oversaw the successful prosecution of more than a dozen child pornographers.

He is a graduate of Northeastern University, and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Eric has completed a marathon, triathlon and is Mix Martial Artist.