Students with helmets on

OPA 90 Qualified Individual (QI) Program

Full or Refresher Courses


This program provides the most comprehensive training available for the company's designated OPA-90 Qualified Individual. It is also beneficial to others in the maritime industry with management-level responsibility for responding to oil spills. The program consists of four days of lecture and a one day spill management team exercise using our Oil Spill Management Simulation Facility. The program fully meets training requirements set by the USCG and EPA under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) and also provides certification as 24-Hour Incident Commander under OSHA regulations. The faculty is comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the fields of marine oil spill management,  law, public relations and environmental science.

Our instructional staff for the QI Program are recognized throughout the industry for their innovative training techniques and their ability to offer superior, customized training. 

  • Full program: $2150
  • Refresher: $950