Processing your U.S. Coast Guard Accreditation Letter in your Home Country

United States citizens majoring in Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering, earn two fold credentials: A Bachelor of Science and a professional United States Coast Guard license as Third Mate or Third Assistant Engineer, both unlimited as to waters or vessel size. International students, majoring in the subjects mentioned above, receive the same degree; but instead of a United States Coast Guard license, they receive a Letter of Accreditation that confirms successful completion of training, sea service, practical demonstration of skill and satisfactory scores of the United States Coast Guard exam.

Most countries accept Massachusetts Maritime's training and credentials given. An International student must verify whether his/her home country recognizes these before attending MMA. The process to attain a coast guard license in one's home country will vary.  However, upon graduation, all international students should have all documents (diploma, certificates, transcripts etc) awarded by MMA notarized and apostilled. An "apostille" is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961.

Instructions for Panamanian Students: MMA has enjoyed graduating a number of Panamanian students. Thus, we have more detailed steps to share with future graduates.

  1. Request certificates from CDR Huhnke. We will not be able to supply all certificates requested by your home country's maritime authority. Again, check the items that your home country requires to attain a license before attending MMA - know that these requirements may change annually.
  2. Request a letter of total Sea Time from CDR Huhnke
  3. Apostille MMA documents
  4. Attain a medical certificate from an AMP (Autoridad Marítima de Panamá) approved doctor (They will not accept your Medical Certificate from the USCG.)
  5. Make and keep copies of all documents
  6. Submit your license application to AMP
In Panama, there are institutions that will help you in the application process.