Some links on this page are only accessible by students and staff, you will be prompted to log in to the domain with your MMA credentials.

Members of the public can access information on the MMC process from the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center at

License Application Forms and Instructions to Complete the form: 

For first time students applying for a credential:
Cadet MMC Application 

For Senior Deck Students:
3M/OICNW Application

For Senior Marine Engineering Students:
3AE/OICEW Application 

For all cadets applying for a credential:
CG -719K Physical Form

Detailed instructions to complete the appropriate form:
Instructions - Cadet MMC                   

Instructions - License Application  

 All freshman MENG & MTRA are required to apply for and have a TWIC to apply for their Cadet MMC.
 TWIC Instructions