Policies & Procedures

Students are responsible for reading this information and adhering to all co-op policies during placement.

Students preparing for an upcoming co-op must work with Career Services, utilizing the Co-op Portal. If you have found your own co-op, you must still meet with your Coordinator. Students may not contact MMA employers directly; only through their Coordinator and the Co-op Portal. If you are unsure about an employer, ask. You can form new relationships with employers outside of the Co-op Portal; can make contacts at the MMA Career Fairs and MMA Employer Presentations. You are encouraged to do this in addition to working with your Coordinator.

Be sure your voicemail is professional and always respond to employer phone calls. Wear dress blues to interviews. Stay in touch with your Co-op Coordinator and notify them of interviews.

Once you are offered a co-op and accept it, it is considered final. Notify any new employers who call that you are not available. Discuss start/end dates, work hours and dress code with employer. Always notify your Co-op Coordinator when co-op has been finalized.

Supervisor Evaluation

MMA will send your supervisor an electronic evaluation for your performance; this is part of your grade and must be submitted. Your supervisor will receive several communications from the Career Services office regarding the evaluation, but the final responsibility is yours. Once you have been notified by our office that we have not received your evaluation within the designated timeframe, you will take over full responsibility for making sure that your evaluation is completed in time to be submitted with your Co-op Project.

Student Co-op Supervisor Information

All student should have their supervisor information logged into the BucPortal

Please make careful note of the following timeline:

The Career & Professional Services Office will send you a supervisor confirmation email midway through the co-op period.  Three weeks prior to the end of Co-op C&PS will send out the Employer Exit Evaluation Form and the Student Job Description Form.  You are responsible for ensuring that the form is completed.  We will remind the employer once prior to the academic year starting, but it is ultimately your responsibility. 

Co-op Project

  • See links under the section for your specific degree program for guidelines. The Chair of your Program Department can answer questions and oversees the projects.
  • Keep a daily journal that documents experience. Include work performed, training, issues encountered, problem-solving challenges, observations, etc.