Peer-Assisted Learning Program

The Peer-Assisted Learning Program (PAL) employs peer tutors to provide group tutoring in support of specific gateway courses taken as part of the general education or degree program curricula.

The workshop times and locations for Fall Semester 2019 appear below:


Course Professor Day Time Room
Biology Osborne Monday 1900-2200 HA-104
Chemistry I Norman Tuesday 2000-2000 HA-102
Chemistry I McMurray Tuesday 1900-2030 HA-101
Chemistry I McMurray Monday 1900-2200 HA-101
Chemistry II Noble Monday/Wednesday 2000-2200 HA-108
Orgo/Hazmat Chem Norman Monday 1900-2100 HA-102
Orgo/Hazmat Chem Lam Thursday 1900-2100 HA-105
Orgo/Hazmat Chem Lam Tuesday 1900-2200 HA-104
Orgo/Hazmat Chem Norman Wednesday  2000-2200 HA-103
Statics Dimassa Monday/Wednesday 2000-2200 HA-105