Packing Suggestion List


Aside from the orientation packing list, as an MMA cadet, you will receive a sea bag that contains all the clothing items needed to attend classes and get around campus. Nevertheless, while off campus you will be able to wear civilian clothing. Below, you will find a list that may help you pack the appropriate clothing for our New England weather:

There are four season that you must prepare for while attending MMA. Remember that you will be able to purchase some of these items in the states, so pack reasonably.

(October - December; 46–60°F (8–15°C))
During this leave falling season, you should pack items that will keep you warm during the chilly breeze.

  • Sweaters or cardigans to throw on top of you short and t-shirt combo.
  • Jeans or long pants
  • A rain jacket and waterproof boots/shoes for those occasional rainy days
  • Flip-flops and a swimsuit if you think you can take the low temperature water like the locals do!

(December–March; 0–37°F (-17–3°C))
Snow and rain are sure to occur during the winter months, with high temperatures in the 40s and 50s and lows in the 20s. There are some sunny days, but it is winter, so dress appropriately.

  • Heavy coats, gloves, hats and boots are good ideas. (suggestion- bring or buy black gloves and earmuffs for those cold winter morning formations in the parade field)
  • Long underwear to wear under your uniform is advised, specially for those individuals that may be used to warmer weather.

(April–June; 38–60°F (3–15°C))
Spring brings a mix of temperatures. Early April can bring light snow, while late April is often much warmer. In May, the weather starts warming up with temperatures between 48 degrees and 62 degrees.

  • Lightweight pants, sweaters and a light jacket.
  • Lightweight shirts, pants and shorts
  • Swimsuit

(July–September; 60–95°F (15–35°C))
It's a short summer for New England, thus light clothing should do the trick.

  • Shorts, t-shirts, sandals and sun glasses to take in the sun.


To Make Room in your Suitcase

Double check the voltage in your electrical appliances, such as flat irons, alarm clocks, and other items as the voltage may different than U.S.. outlets require - voltage converters may be needed.
Think about items that you can purchase upon arrival such as personal care products and school supplies. At MMA, there is a local pharmacy a few blocks away and an on-campus bookstore.