Organize an Event

When the MMA family get together, whenever and wherever that might be (reunions, homecomings, big games, cultural events, networking events or industry conferences,) it is always great time for all involved. Old friends re-connect, new friends are made, and the tales from by gone days get recounted again and again, even if heard before!

Alumni, parents, students and friends are the emotional heart of any institution, especially MMA where the regimental life, the discipline, and high expectations create deep and lasting bonds throughout the undergraduate years and beyond. It is no surprise that special weekends and events are well attended by a wide cross section of alumni and friends.

However, there are times when alumni cannot return to campus, and so there is a need for them to get together in those regions where they live and work, in a sense bringing the Academy to them.

If you have an idea for a gathering, large or small with friends or classmates, around a game or event, public service or a dinner, let us know here at MMA, we would be glad to help out in any ways we are able. Send an email to or give us a call at 508-830-5099.

Class of 1979