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To:       Massachusetts Maritime Academy Parents and Community

From:  Maritime Health Services

Re:       Protect Your Family from Opiate Addiction

Fix the medicine cabinet problem.

Are there unused opiate medications somewhere in your house right now?

Are they unsecured in a medicine cabinet?

- The vast majority of opiate overdose deaths, some reporting up to 90%, are traced back to addictions that started from improperly using someone else’s legal prescription for medicines like Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin, or Codeine.

- More people in the US die from opiate overdose than in car crashes.

- No one intends on becoming addicted. It happens more quickly and easily than people expect.

Thankfully, we have had minimal problems with opiates at Mass Maritime, but we do not want your family to have a problem. 

No one should have to discover their child, in a room, not breathing.

Please check your house – Secure active medication bottles, then collect and dispose of unused pills.  Your local police department or town public health office can tell you where to bring left over pills for disposal. 

Keep the MMA Community safe – secure your medicines, remove unused pills.

                           Thank you for making a difference in this growing crisis.