Offsite Accuplacer Examination

Off-Site Testing

For entering students who do not reside in the area and who do not visit MMA for a uniform fitting, it may be possible to take the Accuplacer examination off site. This is only permitted when a student lives more than 100 miles from the MMA campus. The following instructions must be followed to arrange an off-site examination:


First, locate an authorized test center. Then send an email message to  notifying MMA of the test center that you have selected. You will receive an email message at your MMA email address ( containing an Accuplacer Test Voucher. Schedule your test with the selected test center and bring the voucher to the test center on the day of your test.

We intend to have all incoming students tested by 31 May 2020.

Please note: Ask your proctor for a copy of your test scores (for your own records) before leaving the test center. MMA will receive the scores automatically when you complete the examination.