Offsite Accuplacer Examination

Off-Site Testing

For entering students who do not reside in the area and who do not visit MMA for a uniform fitting, it may be possible to take the Accuplacer examination off site. This is only permitted when a student lives more than 100 miles from the MMA campus. The following instructions must be followed to verify proctor eligibility and arrange for an off-site examination:


MMA cannot locate a testing location to schedule the test for a student. The student must contact a local college, guidance department, or authorized testing center and request that a qualified individual contact MMA (see instructions under "Proctor" below) to arrange for off-site testing. Once the individual who agrees to proctor the online examination has contacted MMA, the individual will receive instructions for communicating with the student to arrange testing.

The proctor (and only the proctor) should contact MMA at to receive instructions. The instructions will direct the proctor to communicate with the student to schedule the examination and to complete a proctor agreement form notifying MMA of the testing date and time. After this form is completed and returned to, the proctor will receive instructions for logging onto the system to administer the web-based examination. THE TEST CANNOT BE SCHEDULED UNTIL the proctor completes this process.

Please note: For the student’s own information, the student should request the scores from the proctor before leaving the testing site. As soon as the student completes the examination, scores are automatically recorded in the MMA system.