Three's Not A Crowd

Cadet Cruise Commander, Chief Engineer, and Chief Mate on deck of the TS Kennedy

Especially when you’re talking about navigation, propulsion and leadership while at sea.  It takes at least three to steer, run and command a ship and this team of three has the task in hand.

1/C John Lorenz is the new Cadet Chief Mate. He is a Marine Transportation major and 2015 graduate of Hillsborough (NJ) High School. This cadet is responsible for all marine transportation operations for the current school year.  Lorenz can hardly wait to travel the world on as many types of ships as he can while pursuing a 3/M unlimited tonnage license. “You are following the path less taken in your choice of school,” he counseled. “Senior year and graduation will be here in the blink of an eye. Learn as much as you can and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Remember, all the Cadre and Senior Staff want you to succeed.” he finished.

1/C Joshua Yanofsky is the current Cadet Chief Engineer. He is a Marine Engineering major and graduate of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School (MA) class of 2015. Yanofsky is in charge of ship operations, maintenance of all engine machinery and ensuing safety issues. “My main goal is to teach incoming freshmen about ship safety, the single most important thing to learn about this industry. In the next four years they will learn how to think on their feet, an important aspect of shipboard safety, Yanofsky stated. This cadet harbors a passion for steam engineering and hopes to attach himself to one of the last few steam propelled ships in the US fleet after graduation.

1/C Jonathan Baker holds the post of Regimental Training Ship Commander. Baker is a Marine Transportation major and a graduate of Marblehead (MA) High School, class of 2015.  Baker will takes over leadership from the Regimental Commander when aboard the ship. He will serve as liaison between the ship’s Captain, Mike Campbell, the Academy and the Regiment and plays a large role in sea term preparations. “By holding this leadership position, I hope to maintain the safety and education standards for training aboard the USTS Kennedy. I plan to encourage the youngies to pursue future leadership positions. This helps create that strong bond that is so evident at the Academy at the same time teaching cadets how to be successful and effective both in taking orders and giving them,” he finished.