Taking Care of Business

Grad students attend class in Waltham

Massachusetts Maritime Academy is pleased to announce the addition of its third graduate degree, Master of Science in Maritime Business Management (MSMB). The first cohort of the MSMB program will begin in October 2018, after four-years of collaborative efforts with both internal and external groups. MMA’s Dean of Academics, Dean of Graduate & Continuing Education, the undergraduate International Maritime Business Department faculty, along with input gathered from employers, prospective students, the Graduate Education Council, and MMA alumni all led to the program’s unanimous approval by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Building on the successes of both the Masters of Science in Facilities Management (MSFM), and the Masters of Science in Emergency Management (MSEM), the MSMB degree was created to meet a growing need for deeper understanding of complex maritime businesses and supply chains locally, regionally, and globally. Very few maritime business and supply chain management professionals set out to develop their careers, and instead find themselves “falling into” these roles; many after transitioning from sea-faring careers. With nearly 90 percent of all goods traveling at some point by water, the maritime industry makes up a considerable percentage of our economy. This demand means the training of effective maritime business and supply chain managers is as critical as ever and the MSMB aims to satisfy this unique educational niche.

Listing of Offered MMA Graduate Programs

Very few supply chain educational programs are devoted to the maritime aspect of the global economy. With Boston’s location as a hub for maritime commerce, professional maritime associations and trades, and global economies becoming increasingly integrated, MMA is uniquely positioned to offer a maritime business and supply chain management program that will educate future leaders in this rapidly expanding field.

The 31-credit, 10-course program will be offered in the same executive-format as the existing graduate programs. MMA prides itself on its “true” executive-format with a 17-month alternating weekend format in Waltham, Mass., whereby students do not have to choose between advancing their education and maintaining their careers. Only one subject is covered at a given time, and the schedule is structured to accommodate the working professional. Working students can bring course knowledge directly to their employment, and the diverse student body provides an immediate professional network.

The alternating weekends are held at the Conference Center at Waltham Woods. Classes begin Friday evening and end on Saturday afternoon. Students who prefer overnight lodging, are housed at the Hilton Embassy Suites located one mile from the Waltham Woods Conference Center.

For more information on all of MMA's graduate programs, please visit www.maritime.edu/graduate-programs.