The Special K's

Kilo Company Squad Photo

MMA's newest cadets flanked by their (Kilo Company) orientation leaders.

They arrived on campus two weeks ago, just eight cadets in total for what is MMA’s mid-year orientation. Two would have been here in August, but their Army commitment sort of got in the way. A couple of others are community college transfers looking to create new opportunities for themselves. And yet another had been here, went away for a while, and has now returned. And when asked what in the world he’d been thinking, Emergency Management major and Pembroke, MA native Cameron Maggiore replied “Sir…I got motivated to come back!”

When compared to August orientation, this one seems quieter and less hectic without 450 or so cadet candidates hustling all over campus. While it may appear that way on the surface, for the cadre tasked with leading this group, it is just as intense. Despite a week’s full of days that begin at 0700 and end at 2200, they cannot cover everything that regular orientation does, and aren’t supposed to. They need to bring their charges up to speed on all things MMA, and do it quickly so the rudiments are understood inside and out…where they’re supposed to be, what they’re wearing, doing…and why. And with nearly a 1-1 ratio where “lots of eyes” are watching every move, for these company leaders there’s no excuses not to get things squared away from the outset.

The cadets who’ve been chosen to introduce the Academy to these newcomers weren’t just looking for something to do during this week, when pretty much everyone was enjoying the post Sea Term break at home before things got cranked up again. No, this is a very special group of (sophomore) 3/C’s who went through a rigorous selection process for this very important assignment.