Some Good Attitudes!

Students in front of cookie truck on campus

What does SGA stand for you might wonder.   SGA is the Student Government Association, the group responsible for organizing and coordinating the majority of the social events on campus!  They are a collective powerhouse of FUN!

The organization just finished hosting their second largest formal dance of the year on the Spirit of Boston … to be followed in the spring by the the Ring Dance, where all the 2/C cadets gather to celebrate their new senior positions and their class rings.

3/C Alec Schenning, International Maritime Business major and 2016 graduate of Loyola Blakefield High School (MD) is the current SGA Executive Secretary.  “The SGA strives to provide cadets the means to relax and forget about the stresses of academics and the Regiment for a little bit and just hang out with friends. The SGA meets twice a week and has an open forum at the beginning of every meeting to allow anyone to suggest new ideas. Member of the SGA also hold open office hours so that students who cannot attend the meeting can voice their opinions,” he reported. “SGA sponsored events include professional sporting events, participation in amateur sporting events like Rugby and our nationally ranked Ice Hockey Club, Crossfit, Motocross, Fishing, Golf, Baseball, and Indoor Lacrosse.  We also sponsor several dress down days each semester where cadets, for a small donation, can wear civilian clothing on campus. These popular dress down days raise upwards of $25,000 per year for local charities.  We like to throw in a few Flash events – “happenings” planned by the SGA that are not promoted, but occur in a flash for some pop up fun!  They’ve included food trucks from Dunkin Donuts, hot apple cider and cider donuts, ice cream sandwiches, and giveaways such as shaker bottles and credit card phone sleeves.  Perhaps one of our most popular events is the petting zoo we host each semester prior to finals.  Students get the chance to pet baby animals to help relieve the stress of studying for finals,” Schenning stated.

The SGA also approves and funds clubs. Any cadet can start one.  Some of the more unique are: Climbing Club, Boxing Club, Ham Radio Club, Scuba Club, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club, Automotive Club and International Association of Emergency Managers.  There are 554 club members in total.  The group also maintains the student lounge with video games, a pool table, ping pong table and relaxation space including a BBQ grill for the warmer weather.

Perhaps this busy group should really consider a change of name?  How about Student Experience Enhancement Squad.  Then again, SGA does roll off the tongue a bit better?