Seafaring Stars

“The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid, and avoids the storm he cannot weather,” – wise words from an unknown ancient mariner … and a sound philosophy for our future mariners.

1/C Paige Mentuck is this year’s Cadet Chief Mate.  She will be tasked with responsibility for all marine transportation operations.  A 2014 graduate of Swampscott High School (MA), Mentuck is now a Marine Transportation major who plans to pursue her Captain’s license after graduation.  She grew up on the ocean, teaching sailing and competing on her high school sailing team.  “My father is an MMA alumnus and my biggest role model.  He was certainly an influence in my choosing to attend the Academy.  While here, I have learned that you take away from the Academy what you put in,” she said. “Don’t be afraid of getting involved in as much as you can and take every opportunity possible and run with it,” she concluded.

Mentuck plans to ship out as a third mate after graduation.

1/C Alexander Zimmerman is the 2017-18 Academy Chief Engineer and a 2014 graduate of Riveriera Beach Maritime Academy (FL).  He will be in charge of ship operations, maintenance of all engine machinery and ensuing safety issues.

“It is difficult to take orders from someone that may not be any older than you,” he counseled, “But if you focus and pay attention to what you are being taught you will have a set of skills that sets an Academy graduate apart from any other school.” Zimmerman went on to say, “When I was in high school I didn’t want anything to do with college especially a regimented school.  After doing some homework, I found that this school (MMA) is unlike any other. The Regiment has helped make me into a more disciplined individual and I found that the heavier the load I took on, the more I was able to achieve. Possibilities are endless after graduating from this Academy - it’s just a matter of putting in the time, effort and work while in school. You will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.” he finished.

This cadet hopes to work on board a drill ship after graduation.