A Safety First

Construction Group Photo

MMA cadets with Suffolk's Sr. Safety Mgr. Joe Jenkins '08 (far left)

The construction industry is providing well paying, exciting jobs in dynamic environments. As a result, there is an ever growing market out there for safety professionals. It is also a very technical and complex industry, so it needs knowledgeable and competent safety managers. But, education in construction related subjects is hard to come by.

So Boston based Suffolk Construction has partnered with Massachusetts Maritime Academy to develop and deliver a brand new pilot course; Advanced Occupational Health and Safety, Construction Site Supervisor (MS-4273-49). Designed to develop, educate, and train a student to become more competent in the field of construction, this advanced level course will assist students with the concepts of hazard identification and risk management within the industry. 

MMA cadets recently took a field trip to Boston for Suffolk’s “Fall Protection Day.” The day began with a presentation from Suffolk Senior Safety Manager and MMA alumnus, Joe Jenkins ‘08.  The students then traveled to a jobsite for a field demonstration of fall protection equipment. After lunch, the cadets split into groups and went on tours of Suffolk’s Seaport job sites where they experienced real world applications of fall protection systems.   

For Jenkins, one of the goals of this course is to not only generate interest, but to make an already great job candidate even more employable by increasing their knowledge base. “Mass Maritime already produces hardworking professionals with the ability to lead,” Jenkins said. “This is a golden opportunity to prompt interest and motivate a student to consider a career as a safety manager. If we here at Suffolk can play a role in producing well educated, competent managers who can lead a project’s safety culture…they will have the ability to save lives which ultimately is what it’s all about. It was a great day as the hands on demonstrations and site tours really embodied MMA’s LEARN – DO – LEARN philosophy. GO BUCS!!”