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MMA Honor Guard at Fenway Park

Massachusetts Maritime Academy junior Beatriz Martins was born in Portugal where soccer is king and graduated from Newington High School in Connecticut (Class of 2016), closer to New York than Boston. But holding the American flag during the National Anthem on her first visit to Fenway Park cemented her status as a member of Red Sox Nation.

Martins (Orange, CT) is an Honor Guard Squad leader in 7th Company at the Academy. On the penultimate game of the regular season at the end of September against the rival New York Yankees, Martins and her squad marched out and presented the colors at the storied ballpark.

“One of our main goals this year as a staff was to have some really different but fun details to be part of,” said Martins. “The Boston Red Sox game opening ceremony was one of those events.”
It just didn’t end with the opening ceremony for Martins and her company, who watched the game from the Green Monster seats.  “A group of MMA cadets in Tropical Whites really stand out when sitting up on those seats,” Martins said. “The amount of alumni we actually ran into at the game was unbelievable.”

The Marine Transportation major has participated in parades such as Veterans Day in New York City, Memorial Day in Washington DC, St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, as well as in smaller events like the Admiral’s gala and funeral services for alumni. 

“I chose to come to MMA because of the great reputation that it has from all of its alumni and also the amazing hands on learning the school offers,” said Martins, who came to this country when she was seven years old and got her American citizenship earlier this year. “Also, now being a member of seventh company and being an Assistant Honor Guard Operations Officer really makes me proud to be part of this company and to be the face of the academy.”

Martins plans to ship out on her third mates license once she graduates but not before another appearance at a local professional sporting event. Her company is planning on presenting the colors at a Bruins game this season. With Boston’s regular anthem singer Rene Rancourt retiring after last year, TD Garden fans may soon have a new favorite.